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Introduction To GotaLight.net

Welcome to GotaLight.net... The show case for Flame & Shine Collectibles presenting antique and vintage flashlights, vintage battery operated lanterns and a few vintage cigarette lighters. You'll also find some interesting information and see some rare vintage flashlights, (like a hard to find vintage Delta flashlight) and lanterns located within this website.

I'll be showing these collections in different galleries for your viewing pleasure with information on the flashlights and lanterns. You'll be able to see many different vintage flashlights, vintage lanterns, different kinds of vintage emergency flashers, vintage table candle lights and some special vintage flashlights only seen here!

Vintage flashlight or lantern not working? Need a special battery pack? We're proud to say... We now have a connection for antique/vintage flashlights and old battery operated lanterns that needs some kind of work to light up again! Check out the Flashlight Repairs Section.

vintage flashlight

- Vintage Flashlights -

I started collecting vintage flashlights about 10 years ago. I now have over 550 flashlights, penlights, vest pocket lights, lanterns, candle lights and other battery operated lights. I'm only showing some of my better and more interesting vintage flashlights. Maybe some day when I have nothing else to do, I'll have them all on here and more! Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Chances are you'll see a few you've never seen before some where on this website. I hope to keep adding to my collection, I think? I'll be going to yards sales, estate sales, auctions and flea markets in search of that one great find. When all else fails, there's always eBay. The Hunt Continues....

Dad's Electric Lantern

- Vintage Lanterns -

Dad's Factories Electric Lantern, (see it shine in the lantern section) is just one of over 50 battery operated lanterns in my collection and I have a few small emergency lights. Some of the lanterns have the red flasher which blinks and puts on a nice light show when they all start blinking. One thing for sure, they take up a lot of space. I also have a few candle type table lights, which isn't a lantern or flashlight, but, still part of the vintage battery operated flashlight family in my collection.

vintage lighter

- Vintage Cigarette Lighters -

I used to collect Old Cigarette Lighters way before I started collecting vintage flashlights. You can view some my collection which I started collecting back in the early 70's and continued in the 80's and 90's as an active collector. I know I have hundreds of old lighters and just don't remember the total count, but I'm thinking between 600-700, could be more as I still have most of my lighters packed away in storage at a friends place. I'll be showing my old lighters in four categories such as old pocket lighters, table top lighters and a few old cigarette case lighters. My lighters are for sale. If anyone is interested in any of the lighters, send me an email.

  1. Web Site News & Updates

    ATTENTION: Flashlight Collectors of America... 2018 Flashlight Reunion/Convention coming May 18, 2018 in Tustin, Ca. Email me for more information if interested on who to contact.

    Just a heads up! I'll be selling some of my flashlights and lanterns soon! I need more room. I will also cut down my buying to collect only certain types or brands of flashlights. Time to let some go.

    Something collectors dream about. From the early 1900's... Not one, but two! Made by Eveready, and has a rarity of 10. Hard to find one in any condition. You can see them now in the Show & Tell Section.

    Another rare find for another USALite that most of us have never seen before! USALite galley #4 is on the site. View Here

    What's next for the USALite section? USALite flashlights and battery ads. View Here Also show here is another line of the redhead model?

    Most of us have seen all of the USALite Redhead Flashlights... or have you? I just added a couple you may have not seen before? View Here to see for yourself with more information on these two hard to find redheads.

    1914 Eveready catalog with pictures and prices. Not a dealer's catalog? View Here

    ATTENTION USALite collectors! What could be a rare flashlight find and some interesting news about US Electric Mfg. Corp. Did they at one time make flashlights under a different brand name? More info in USALite gallery #3. Also a look at the USALite Zep-O-Lite. This Way

    Don't forget... 'National Flashlight Day' December 21, 2016. The longest night of the year!

    1930's Eveready Wallites. Did you know they made other models besides the oval shaped? Take A Look

    Is the USA Lite swivel heads a true GM accessory as some collectors claim? Read about the on going debate in the Collectors Corner. We have some interesting facts and ideas from other flashlight collectors and GM collectors as well. I asked that question by email and here's some that shared their ideas. Worth your time.

    Things you might not know about the 3 in 1 flashlights, (3 bulbs/3 way switch). How many 3 in 1 flashlights have you seen? Chances are, not all of them because, another one showed up? Interesting article by long time collector... Steve Giterman. View Here

    WARNING: This website changes without notice!
    That's all for now folks! Happy Hunting!
    May your volts be strong and your lights shine on!

The Name Flashlight

The term Flashlight comes from the limitations of the early batteries and bulbs. The first zinc dry-cells were very expensive and had a very low capacity, and the early carbon filament bulbs drew so much power, that the first battery powered torches could not sustain long periods of continuous light. To ensure those pricey batteries lasted as long as possible, users would just flash the light on and off for brief periods to see enough to get by, and this is where the name Flashlight actually originates.

Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett

1959 Glow in the dark Davy Crockett Flip Light with blue and red switch made by Flippo Mgf. Co. Works of one AAA battery. (value $35). The Flip Lights still glows in the dark.

The 1950's Davy Crockett Tin Lithograph flashlight uses 1 AA battery and was made by BMG. (value $25)

Table Light


1950's or 60's table light. Stands 8 inches tall and runs off 2 C cell batteries. May have been used in restaurants as a waiter's light like the salt & pepper shakers with lights in the Show & Tell section. Not a flashlight, not a lantern or a candle light, but still in the battery operated lights family.

Vintage Bond-Olin Ad

Bond flashlight add

jetlite flashlight

1940's Celluoid Jet Lite Airline key chain flashlight, from the Charmore Company, which was a division of Louis Marx and Co. This is a rare Aviation toy flashlight. It measures 2 3/4 inches x 5 inches. It used a N type battery. Has Jet on one wing and Lite on the other.