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1940 calendar

If you have any comments about lighters, flashlights, lanterns, the web site or just ask me a question you can send David an email, (that's me). Any viewing problems, links not working or any other complaints can be sent to the webmaster Dave. I am not an expert on vintage flashlights, lanterns or cigarette lighters, just a collector. I am learning and gaining more knowledge about flashlight collectibles as I go.

Please Note: Due to the spammers that have been occurring lately, I removed our mail form. Please do not leave the subject line blank in your email... I may take it as spam and delete it. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.

If you're looking for flashlight or lantern bulbs, let me know what size/volt. Penlights, D cells, (2-3-4-5) Screw-in or flange type. I'll be showing some different kinds soon. Let me know.

David White, Located In Central California

>>> david at gotalight dot net <<<

PLEASE NOTE: For flashlight/lantern repair or batteries. Contact Steve Giterman