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Vintage Electric Cigarette-Cigar Table Lighters

We're proud to say... this may be the largest collection of vintage electric cigarette and cigar table lighters, you'll find on the internet. Not the largest by no means. I know of a collector that said he has around 100 of these type of lighters. Instead of adding more to this gallery, I added another gallery of vintage art deco electric lighters. Enjoy and Happy Hunting!

old man electric lighter

On the right we have a.... vintage chalkware piece from the 40's, 50's or 60's, featuring a sea sailor or fisherman electric lighter that mounts on a wall. Has a working pipe to light a cigar or a cigarette, and the glass eyes also glow when the button is held for a few seconds. I have only seen a few of these and they were a bronze color with a wood backing. This one is not bronze and no wood backing. The buttons I have seen were on the chin, this one is not. No brand name.

In this gallery of vintage lighters, you'll see some 1920's and 30's Vintage electric cigarette-cigar table lighters, and soon to be... antique electric lighters. These type of electric lighters would sit on a table or desk. Some you can pick up and it will light by holding it sideways, some have a push button to light it up. Most of these lighters plug into the wall outlet, and some you can plug into a table lamp or hanging lamp bulb socket.

I also have a few 1920's or 30's Silent Flame lighters. Which are also part of the... Electric Lighter Family, but these work off batteries. Featuring the hard to find Parker with the round base.

culerplayer electric lighter
1930's Culer Player Electric Lighter
Onyn Stone w/Brass Culer Player
Tilt To Light. 5" tall

vidrio electric lighter
1930's Vidrio Electric Cigarette-Cigar Lighter
Marbled Slagged Glass & Ashtray w/Box
Tilt To Light

electric lighter
1930's Electric Cigarette-Cigar Lighter
Marbled Slagged Glass By Vidrio Products CORP
Tilt To Light

electric lighter
Early Dutch Girl Electric Cigar Lighter
Tilt To Light - 4 1/4"
electric lighter
Element View

eagle electric lighter
Eagle Art Deco Ceramic Corbalt Blue Electric lighter
Tilt To Light - 2 1/2" x 3"

 electric lighter
Art Deco Ceramic Corbalt Dark Blue Electric Lighter
Push Button - 2 1/2" x 2"

eagle electric lighter
Eagle Art Deco Ceramic Black Electric lighter
Tilt To Light - 2 1/2" x 3"

casco electric lighter
1930's Casco Bakelite Push Button Electric Lighter 4 1/4"

electric lamp lighter
1940's-1950's Trga-Boye turquoise teal desk lamp, electric clock and electric lighter. The lamp, clock and lighter, are all in working condition. Not a real phone. The electric lighter is located in the receiver. Turns on by pushing the button on the receiver.

electric lighter
Timelite Clock/Lighter built into a telephone
Push Button On Receiver To Light
7" x 4 1/2" x6"
electric lighter
Element View

 electric lighter
Manning Bowman Tobbacco Electric Lighter. Push Button On Side.
Also came with a plug to insert in to a lamp socket
Also plugs in to a wall outlet

tassel electric lighter
Tassel Electric Lighter. Push Button On Side To Light
Plugs in to a lamp socket/Bulb goes in on top

 electric match lighter
Cuno Electric Match Lighter Libray Model
Plugs in a lamp socket. Push Button On Side To Light

 donkey lighter
Laughing Horse Electric Lighter. He's sitting on the part to light your smoke. 4" Tall

electric lighter
Rabbit Electric Lighter
Yellow glass base. Tilt To Light
5 1/2"
electric lighter
Green electric lighter made from aluminum.
Push button to light.
4 1/4" tall.
casco electric lighter
1930's Kwick-Lite Art Deco black/white glazed electric lighter.
Tilt to light. 2 1/2" x 2 3/4"
hold heet electric lighter
1920's-1930's Hold-Heet electric match lighter, that still works. Push button to light. 7" tall. May have been a counter top lighter in a cigar store. Made by Russell Electric Company, Chicago, Ill. USA.

Hold-Heet original label/sticker located on the bottom of the base. Seen on the right.

Lighter Repair Service

As a special service to collectors, I restore and or repair electric lighters. MICO and EAGLE type electric lighters can usually be rebuilt for $30.00 plus $7.25 Priority shipping back to you. I can only rebuild lighter with the internal parts still intact. The ceramic part is critical, there are no replacements the ceramic insulator.

Most other lighters repairs are similarly priced. If the wire on your lighter needs to be replaced and soldered to the mechanism, there are two options. The first is adding 6 feet of standard 18 gauge lamp cord wire using your plug (add $5.00). The second is 6 feet of more authentic rayon wrapped 18 gauge wire using your plug (add $15.00). Please include your phone # and or your e-mail address with payment in case I have a question or suggestion.
You can contact me at
Lighters and payment can be sent to:
Thomas Zoltner
1-A point Pleasant Road
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Tarrson Electric

Tarrson Bakelite Electric cigar/cigarette lighter, with cigarette holder in back. Push button to light located under heating element in front. 3 x 4 1/2".

Art Deco Electric

ladies head electric lighter

Art Deco Female's Electric Head Lighter. You would pick it up and the lips would get hot, then you could light up your smoke. Sit it down and it would turn off. These came in a few different styles. 7" tall

Ship Wheel Lighter

ship wheel electric lighter

Ships Wheel electric lighter with push button on top. 4 1/2" tall.

Microphone Lighter

microphone electric lighter

Metal Microphone electric lighter with push button on top. 3 1/2" tall. Unknown maker.

Microphone Style

microphone style electric lighter

Black Glass electric lighter with push button on top. 3 1/2" tall. Unknown maker.

Mico Lighter

microphone style electric lighter

Mico chrome electric lighter with push button on top. Microphone style. 3 1/2" tall.

Quik Light

electric lighter

1930's Quik-Lite Electric Cigar Lighter. Push button to light. Will light cigar, cigarette or pipe instantly. Made by Circle F MFG. Company Trenton, NJ. 6" tall.

The Silent Flame

These are also know as touch tips, which was the most common name for them. These particular lighters takes two D cell batteries located in the base. The wand is removed and laid on one of the wires and the tip is touched against the statuette. This completes the electrical circuit with the batteries and causes a small coil in the tip of the wand to heat up enough to ignite a cigarette.

Parker Silent Flame

1930's Parker Silent lighetrs. On top is the hard to find Parker with the rare round base. Below is the square base modle with the Sally Rand Fan dancer. Both work using 2 C cell batteries.

Dunhill Silent Flame

1930's Dunhill Silent ligheters. Dunhill silent lighters with square base with the bronze and chrome nude Dancer and the bronze Fan Dancer. All work using 2 C cell batteries. 5" x 3"

Rony Electric Lighter

Rony Electric Gas Lighter. Uses 2 C cell batteries. 11 inches tall. Made in Japan.

Rony Electric Lighter

Rony Electric Circus Elephant Gas Lighter. The chrome ball is were the flame would come out. Uses 2 C cell batteries. 9 inches tall. Made in Japan.


match light lighter

1960's Electro - Match. Works off 3 AA batteries. Once you have lighter fuel in it. Press down lightly, pull out the match wand and comes out lit. 5" x 4 1/2". KOREX Industries, USA. Came with instructions inside the battery compartment. Model #3 H.

Electronic Gas Lighter

gas light lighter

High Beam electronic gas lighter with thick glass on hard plastic base. Works off 2 D cell batteries. Press button to light. MaruMan T 8 model.

Hold-Heet Sticker

The Hold-Heet sticker. Really a cool label/sticker, so I had to share it with you!