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Vintage Electric Cigarette-Cigar Table Lighters #2

cigarette dispenser

This is the second gallery of vintage electric lighters I have to share with you. Again, you'll see these came in different styles and colors from the art deco period of the 20's and 30's. This makes 44 vintage electric lighters now in my collection. Since these are my favorites, I'm sure I'll be adding some more.

On the right is a 1930's, Vintage tin art deco Smoker-Ette electric cigarette dispenser. Open the top to store the cigarettes. When the side lever is pulled forward and held for a few seconds, a cigarette is dispensed and held against a heating coil, release the lever and a lit cigarette is dispensed at the bottom. 5" x 5 1/4" tall.

 electric lighter
Porcelain Bulldog Electric Lighter. Till To Light
Sitting on the part to light your smoke. 5" tall

 electric match lighter
Art Deco Lucffer Electric Match Lighter
Plugs in a lamp socket. Push Button On Side To Light

 electric lighter
Electric Lighter
Plugs in a lamp socket. Tilt To Light - 5" tall

 electric lighter
1930's Electric Slag Glass Lighter - Hard Plastic Ashtray/Base
Tilt To Light - 3" x 4"

 electric lighter
1930's Electric Litit lighter. Made by General Appliance Corp. S.F. Ca.
Push Button On Side To Light. - 4" tall

 electric lighter
1930's Art Deco Electric lighter. Bronze dog on a green glass base.
Tilt to light. 4 3/4" x 3"

electric lighter
1930's Black Ceramic Electric Lighter
Push button to turn on. 2 3/4" tall

electric lighter
1930's White Ceramic Electric Lighter
Push button to turn on. 2 3/4" tall

electric lighter
Marble Electric Lighter with 3 marble legs that screw off
Tilt to light. 3" x 3"

electric lighter
Women Electric Lighter made from pot metal
Tilt to turn on. 6 1/2" tall.

electric lighter
Tippit Electric Lighter
Brass metal top w/Black Bakelite base
Tilt to turn on. 2 3/4" tall

electric lighter
Vidrio Jadite Glass Electric Lighter
Bronze metal fish on top
Tilt to turn on. 4" tall

electric lighter
1930's Art Deco Electric Lighter
Bakelite base w/red bakelite tip/chrome plated dome
Holds 12 cigarettes
Tilt to turn on. 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" tall

Lighter Repair Service

As a special service to collectors, I restore and or repair electric lighters. MICO and EAGLE type electric lighters can usually be rebuilt for $30.00 plus $7.25 Priority shipping back to you. I can only rebuild lighter with the internal parts still intact. The ceramic part is critical, there are no replacements the ceramic insulator.

Most other lighters repairs are similarly priced. If the wire on your lighter needs to be replaced and soldered to the mechanism, there are two options. The first is adding 6 feet of standard 18 gauge lamp cord wire using your plug (add $5.00). The second is 6 feet of more authentic rayon wrapped 18 gauge wire using your plug (add $15.00). Please include your phone # and or your e-mail address with payment in case I have a question or suggestion.
You can contact me at
Lighters and payment can be sent to:
Thomas Zoltner
1-A point Pleasant Road
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Electric Lighters

Electric table lighters was a danger to have sitting around the house. I'm sure some might have even caused a fire when knocked over. The ones that you tilt to light, once knocked over and landing on the table or the floor, could start a fire inside the house.

The push button electric table lighters was much safer. Some electric lighters came with a safety device that once knocked over, it wouldn't work. See below.

Red Electric Lighter

 electric lighter

Haeger Pottery Electric Lighter. Has a safety turn off if it falls over. Tilt to turn on. 10" tall

Paddle Wheel Lighter

paddle wheel electric lighter

Paddle Wheel electric lighter. Tilt to light. 5" tall.

Art Deco

 electric lighter

1930's Art Deco gold electric lighter. Till to light. 2 1/2" tall. Unknown maker.

Cigarette Filters

Medico Disposable Cigarette Filter Holders. Build in filters and then throw away after use. Each filter lasts about a week.

Cigar Sleeve Holder

Early 1900's Legitimos Hojas Habana accordion paper cigar sleeve holder.

Matchbook Holder

Match Book holder with a 1954 Golden Nugget 'Lucky Match' poker game match book. Instructions on how to play on the inside match cover. Never used.

Tippit Lighter

Tippit electric lighter with brown Bakelite base and chrome metal top.

Tippit Instructions

Tippit instructions and Safety. You may need a magnifying glass to read.

Says, children are safe. They can not harm themselves with it. That's a little misleading. Very nice piece with the box and instructions. Hard to find altogether.

Liberty Lighter

Liberty brown bakelite electric lighter, in the shape of a bell. About 2 3/4" tall. Tilt to light up.