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Vintage Flashlights

1930's Burgess flashlight ad showing the Burgess flashlight, (the first flashlight in the group of 3) with the black body and the curved watch like lens shown below.

Here's some interesting facts about three different flashlight companies. After doing some research on the May "Baby" torch, I was told that they came with a 9 sided lens and a smooth lens. Could be one way to tell when each one was made. They also had two different style of bodies/cases. One has a scroll design with a smooth body, the other one has a ribbed body and no scroll design. I also found out that May only made the adapter, head and end cap. Blake could have made the bodies/cases which are almost identical to Rayovac, which were also made by Blake, or did Rayovac made the bodies?

In some more research I found out that... Rayovac has the same scroll design on some of their models and even Blake. Rayovac bought out Blake at some point, not sure of the date. I did read that somewhere? If so, maybe Rayovac made the bodies for May. More flashlight mysteries. TBC....

red seal

Here's a brand name I never heard of. Made by Red Seal. Has a pat. date of 11-4-24 on the end and made in the USA. Dome lens and Bakelite body. The blue dot bulb base is marked... Kwik-Lite 2.5v (check your bulbs!) Works off 2 D cells.

All you need to do now is move your mouse pointer over a flashlight to view an enlarged photo with a short description on each flashlight.

1950's Hipco

Hipco Flashlight

Hipco was known for making cheap pressed tin flashlights with nice lithographs for kids. A real survivor! Red reflector on end cap. Works off 3 D cell batteries.