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Vintage USALite Flashlights #2

USA Lite Redhead

USA LITE logo I'm a big fan of the vintage USALite flashlights! Here's some more from my collection of over 80 lights.

A matching pair of two rare 1940's USALite redheads with and without the stand. Both have the bakelite body with red safety guard, and red end cap. Both have a plastic lens with USALite Redhead printed on the end cap. These are harder to find than the chrome bodies redheads, and don't come along very often.

USALITE Redhead flashlights

Here's an ad to go with the redhead flashlights, and another redhead ad on the lower right. I'm not sure what the value would be with nothing to go on, but, I would say $50-$75 without the stand and $100-$125 with the stand.

To me, worth over value here! So compared to the other USALite redheads, these are rarer and harder to find, but, not worth as much. In some cases, rare doesn't always mean top dollar!

The Flashlight Museum does not show these two on their website, so this may be the only place you'll get to see both flashlights together. I have seen both on eBay before, but only once, and not at the same time.

Roy Rogers & Lone Ranger

On the right we have the 1950's Lone Ranger lithograph flashlight, with the compass end cap, which might be the wrong end cap for the flashlight. Maybe it came from the factory this way. I haven't seen the box with the compass on the end cap. Still a keeper. The one next to it, is the 1950's Lone Ranger lithograph signal flashlight, with the siren end cap. On the far right is the 1950's Roy Rogers with Trigger lithograph signal flashlight, with the siren end cap. See the ad below on the lower right.

Roy Rogers Flashlight

Are you ready for another Roy Rogers flashlight? Well, this isn't it, but almost. This looks like it was never used, and the box is in great condition. It's the signal siren flashlight, that came with the compass end cap, and... a flashlight holster, with the secret code/morse code paper work, in the box.

So this looks to be another factory mistake. Should have had the siren end cap. Maybe these also came with a flashlight holster. For the record, this is the first time I have seen the flashlight holster. The ad seen on the bottom right, states they came with or without the holster. You'll see from the ad, that there is another version of this flashlight.

I did see the Roy Rogers flashlight with the compass end cap before. I think it was called... The Trail-Finder. But you would think, if one came with the compass, the other one, (Lone Ranger) had it also. All three flashlights work as does the siren and compass.

1947 USALite Ad

Roy Rogers Flashlight
 Roy Rogers Flashlight Ad

1952 USALite Roy Rogers signal siren flashlight ad.

Roy Rogers Flashlight
 Roy Rogers Flashlight Ad

1950's USALite Roy Rogers signal flashlight ad. Notice it does not say... siren on the flashlight. It came with a compass end cap, and a holster for the flashlight. So this is a different version, which makes #3. The more common Siren Signal flashlight, the Trail Blazer, which came with the compass end cap, and the Signal flashlight seen in the ad. So there you go... proof is in the ad.