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Vintage USALite Flashlights

USA LITE logo U.S. Electric Mfg. Corp. (1920-1960's)

USALITE Redhead There's at least 13 or 14 different models/versions of the USALite Redhead that I know of. Maybe even 15 if we count the redhead with... the Gamble's flat end cap. I've only seen two of these with that end cap. As of now, I have no clue on the Gamble's name?

Starting with the first one on the left is version #2, then version #3, version #7 has the flat end cap dated 2-13-23. For some reason, 'Redhead' is not on the end cap. Could it be the wrong end cap? The Flashlight Museum shows the same end cap on version #7. On the far right is the Phillips 66 redhead with the Phillips 66 logo on the end cap. You can see the Phillips 66 in the Show & Tell section to see the end cap close up. Also shown with it... is the flat end cap with the Phillips 66 logo. Which now means, there's two models of the Phillips 66 redhead.


I saw another redhead in a 1942 Genuine Chevrolet Accessory Catalog, this one was a focusing flashlight that looks just like the redhead model, but, without the stand and has the GM logo printed on the end cap. GM also had the redhead with the stand and the GM logo on the end cap, both made by USALite. USALite also made the redhead for Phillips 66 Gas Stations with the Phillips 66 logo on the end cap. Wait, there's more! USALite also had another model of the redhead with and without the stand, that was different from all the other redheads. Take a look in the next gallery of USALites.

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USA LITE Swivel-Head

There's at least seven models of the USALite swivel head that I know. You can see six shown below including the hard to find red ceramic redhead. They also had a green ceramic swivel head which I have only seen once! The ceramic heads are the hardest to find.

If you're a fan of the USALite swivel heads, you might want to read an interesting article about the on going debate as being a GM accessory in the Collectors Corner.

Did you know that USALite, ( U.S. Electric Mfg. Corp.) also made another flashlight or made flashlights under a different brand name? Check out gallery #3 of the USALites.

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1945 Swivel Head Ad

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