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Vintage Pocket Lighters

Well... it looks like I'm back in to my vintage lighter collection again! I've added some more vintage pocket lighters to this gallery and added a couple of new galleries of vintage lighters.

I still have more vintage pocket lighters in a couple of boxes I need to go through. That might mean... I will be adding another gallery of Pocket Lighters soon, or, I'll just add some more to this page. I've also made a few changes to this gallery with more information on the lighters. The dates are going to be the hard part. I will be looking through my lighter catalogs for dates and more information.

cigarette dispencer box

I have also added a few vintage cigarette dispensers, in most of the vintage lighter galleries as you will see. The one on the right was hand made/painted in Northern Italy. The head on the women moves up and turns to the side, when the lever on the back is pressed, and the lids pops up. This would hold non filter cigarettes. 4" x 6". Could have been used for other things as well.

foxhole lighter
WW 2 Army & Navy Foxhole Lighter.
2 1/2" long. Rope 7" long. Made by Bowers.
vintage ronson lighters
Ronson Pocket Lighters

trench lighters
Trench Lighters

Regens - Regens - Imco - Imco - Imco

vintage lighters

thorens lighter
Made by Thorens
thorens lighter
FAB Suisse

musical lighter
Musical Lighter
musical lighter
Made by Royal Star

old silver lighter
Sterling Silver
old silver lighter
Asian Reliefs

3 old lighters
Two No Brand Name. Middle Lighter Has 'Champ' Austria

aurora lighters
1950's Aurora Lighter-Flashlight Combo w/Box

chadwick lighter
This Chadwick lighter has a continuous calendar for 1950-1977 on one side.
On the other side has a ground speed index converter for pilots. 1 3/4" x 2".

Rotary Lighters

1940's Prince Rotary lighters. The bottom lighter has two different sides. Mother of Pearl Herringbone inlay on one side and a mirror on the other side. Made in Japan.

Little Lighters

Little pocket lighters. Left to right. 2 1/2" with top on. Middle lighter 1 3/4". End lighter 1 1/2".

Key Chain Lighter

Small key chain lighter with box. 1 1/2" tall.

Unknown Lighter

Blue and red pocket lighters. Some call these lipstick or bullet shape lighters. I'm not sure what to call'em. 3" long.

RC Cola Lighter

Royal Crown Cola pocket lighter. Could also be a table lighter. Has a metal cap with RC printed on it and on the back side has... Best by... Taste Test. 2 1/2" tall.

Life Arm Lighters

Small Life Arm lighters. Top lighter is made by Clark, 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" closed. Bottom lighter has no brand name and made in the USA, 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" closed.