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Vintage Pocket Lighters

WW ll rope lighter 1944 WW 2 Army-Navy flameless lighter made by Bowers MFG Company. The sevive men had a nickname for this kind of lighter, they called it a 'Fox Hole Lighter', aka trench lighter. The lighter is 2 1/2 inches long, the wick is 7 inches long.

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All Made by Continental

thorens lighter
Made by Thorens
thorens lighter
FAB Suisse

musical lighter
Made by Royal Star
musical lighter

old silver lighter old silver lighter

aurora pistol lighter
Aurora 45 Pistol Lighter/Flashlight
old swordfish lighter
Swordfish 9mm Pistol Lighter/Flashlight
Pocket Lighters

Here's a few of my favorite old pocket lighters in my collection from the 40's and 50's.

In row #2
1) Austria Trench Lighter
2) Japan Trench Lighter
3) Dunhill Service Lighter
4) Dunhill Service Lighter
5) *Bowers Trench Lighter
6) IMCO, Austria
note: *Bowers trench lighter w/slide sleeve sold for $59 on eBay. Row #2 lighter #5

In row #3 all lighters have IMCO N.Y. on them.
1) Regens
2) Regens
3) Solo Deluxe
4) Solo
5) Austria

The next to the bottom lighter in the gallery is a musical one with nice details that plays I Wish I Was in Dixie. It also has the name Judge L. K. (or L.H.) Perez engraved on the small side and Pres. Plaquemines Parish Commission Council on the other small side.

The bottom lighter has a sterling silver cover or sleeve. The inside case is made by Zipo. On one side it has a Siam character and a 3 headed elephant on the other side.

#1) Brown & Bigelow
#2) American Wiping Co.
#3) For Matchless Values
#4) SF Lighting & Supply Co.

Electric lighter. Uses 2 AA batteries. 3 inches tall.