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Vintage Novelty Table Lighters

This gallery will show some vintage novelty table lighters and a few regular table lighters in the mix. As you'll see... some of these old vintage table lighters come in different shapes, forms and sizes.

On the right is a musical cigarette dispenser that looks like a book case. When you push the button on the front, a little dog comes up with a cigarette in his mouth and plays a short tune, Smoke Gets In My Eyes. The wind key is located on the bottom of the box. 5 x 4 1/2.

The Evans two headed table lighter is also a muscial lighter... when you take the lighter out, the head turns around and play a tune. Very cool and in near mint condition.

Evans 2 Headed Musical Lighter. 5" tall

Ticket Tape Lighter w/Glass Globe 5" tall

S.W.A.N.K. TV Lighter

One Arm Bandit

Old Burper - Northern Discomfort - Moonshiner's Mountain Dew
Made by Ever-Lite Company. Glass bottle with metal cap. 5" tall

Knight In Armor Lighter
7" Tall

Knight In Armor. US Zone Of Germany
1945-52. Made By Weltzunder. 7" Tall

Knight In Armor. Made In USA. 3" tall.

Lamp Lighter

Unknown Lamp Lighter with pull chain to work the lighter. 5" tall.

Lamp Lighter

Lamp Lighter with push button to work the lighter. Made By Bright, Occupied Japan, 3 1/4" tall.

Big Boy Lighter

Big heavy chrome S.W.A.N.K. table lighter 3 1/2" x 7"

Slot Machine

Unknown Slot machine lighter that lights up with you open the top. 1 1/2" x 3"

Ship Wheel

Unknown ship wheel lighter, made in the U.S.A. Turn the wheel and the lighter pops up. 5" tall."

Clock Lighter

Not a real working clock. By turning the screws on either side, these would show in the small window below the clock. Out To Lunch. Out Of The Office. Gone For The Day. Attending Meeting. 8 1/4" tall.

Maybe used by an office worker sitting on his/her desk to let others know they were away from their desk for awhile. Press the button on the top right to open the lighter. Made by SWANK.