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Vintage USALite Flashlights #4

USA Lite

USA LITE logo .

Here's a USALite flashlight that not many have seen. It came with the stand and NO red glass lens! It has a shorter body by 1/2 inch than the redhead models. I also saw another model just like this one with the stand, but, it had the round lens cover. This one has the hexagon lens cover, and both have the same end cap. Either they had two models or someone replaced lens cover at some point. But, which one?

More Facts. All the USALite redheads have the hexagon lens cover. The redhead with the GM logo, without the stand, also has a hexagon lens cover, as does both the Phillips 66 redheads.

USALITE with Box

The redheads with the red glass lens will not fit on the body shown above. Just a little big to screw on. In fact, I tried a few different lens cover off other USALite flashlights, none of them fit, same with the heads that screw off. So I think it's safe to say, these never had the red lens. Just came with the stand.

Somethings we just can't be sure about without seeing them in a catalog! I'm just happy I found it... and now it's in my collection. Has a few dents on the body, but it works as it should.

USALite also sold flashlights under a different brand names. So as of now, they used at least 2 different brand names, or sold under different brand names. The Best and Marathon flashlights are shown below.



This looks like the military life vest lights we've all seen, but, has no clip or pin. Has a bracket that looks like would fit on a bicycle or a pole of some kind. Military green and works off one D cell battery. Maybe from the 1940's. First time I have seen this one.