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Vintage USALite Flashlights #5

USA Lite

USA LITE logo Here you'll see a hard to find WW2 Jungle flashlight with the box. I saw one listed on a Military site in mint condition with the box, the guy was asking $119.00. The box was like this one, but, had Jungle Flashlight printed on it, this one does not. Everything else is the same. I would say the price was a little on the high side. But then again... that's the Military collectors for you.

This one is unlike all the other D cell styles I have seen. No clip, no pin and no switch, so it's not a vest light. You twist the top tight to turn on, then twist to turn off. Works like the switchless flashlights, just different ends. See what makes this one different from the others. You can see more photos in the Show & Tell Section.

You'll also see a nice 3 cell flashlight for the Navy, (has USN printed on the body) and the MX-212/U and TL-122/C military right angle flashlights. The MX and TL are the plastic models which came after the all metal ones.

USALite Penlights


1950's green and brown hard plastic swirl design penlights. Has top lock switch, works off 2 AA batteries.