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Vintage Bond Flashlights

vintage bond flashlights Bond logo On the right we have some vintage Bond flashlights with clips, all different from the other. One stands out from the rest, it has a red nubbed reflector end cap, which I had never seen before, so I'm calling this one a rare find. The Bond with the red end cap has no printing on the clip and the Bond name and trade mark on the chrome piece of the end cap. Also made in Jersey City, New Jersey, so this would be early to mid 30's. Bond moved to New Haven, Connecticut in 1937.

The next one which has the smaller clip and has the switch and black painted body style just like the 1935 Winchester, has the Bond name and trade mark printed on the clip with a ring hanger. The 2 on the right end have Bell Systems printed on the clip and no ring hangers. You should be able to see the difference in the heads and one is shorter.

We have 2 rare Bond switchless flashlights in this gallery. Not only do they both have the Bond logo, they also have Yale Electric Corp. printed on the ends. More info. in the Show & Tell section on these flashlights. The 2 Bonds with black painted bodies with groves look the same, one has a clip with the Bond trade mark printed on it, the other one does not have the clip.

vintage bond flashlights

On the right is a late 1940's burgundy Bond flashlight, (doesn't glow in the dark) with the push button. Could be used for signaling, use as a SOS button, or only when you wanted the light on. No end cap, you load the batteries in the top. This one looks just like the Bond luminous flashlight that glows in the dark. Just a little shorter with no end cap. 7" long.

I added a 1929 Bond Dealers Insert with more flashlight displays and some interesting info on the switchless flashlights. One of these you may not even know about? View Here

All you need to do now is move your mouse pointer over a flashlight to view an enlarged photo and a short description on each flashlight.

Bond Penlights

Bond penlights

1930's Bond penlights with Pearlescent body, chrome ends with walleye glass lens. The all chrome penlight has no glass lens and has the same type of switch on end cap. Twist to stay on or press the end to turn on, let go to turn off.

1949 Bond Ad

Bond flashlight add