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Vintage Battery Operated Candles - Table Lights

eveready masterlite

To the right we have the 1935 Eveready Table Master Light with the original instructions, which is hard to find with the light. Shows you how to change the batteries, how to turn the light on and off. How to focus the light. It says, "When the glass ball is grasped in the hand, a powerful concentrated light is projected from the reflector in the base". Not really considered a candle light, but it is a table light or even used as a night light.

I have even heard folks say it was used as a waiter's service light back in the day. Turn the light on for service and the bottom soft diffused light to read the menu in lowly lighted restaurants. Not sure about that?

Some folks call these candle lights, some call them table lights and some could be called night lights. You'll see one by Bond that's really a flashlight but can be used as a table candle also. Other flashlights can also be used for candles by removing the head such as Bond, Bright Star, USALite and even some Eveready's to name just a few. All use 2 C cell batteries unless noted in this gallery.

chase candle light
1950's Chase Candle Light
chase candle light
1950's Chase Candle Light
candle light
WB Mfg. Bronze Table Candle
 Mgf table candle
1920's WB Mfg. Table Candle
chase lighthouse
1940's Chase lighthouse
eveready table light
1930's Eveready Table Candle Light
eveready candle light
1932 Eveready Electric Candle 2 Cell
 eveready candle light
1900 Eveready Electric Candles
3 B Battery Pack
More info in the Show & Tell Section
candle light
Unknown Table Candle
More info Show & Tell
chase candle light
1940's Chase Candle Light
2 C Cells
rayovac candle light
1950's Ray-O-Vac Candle Light
candle light
1950's Candle Light - Made in England
Interesting Facts

We all should know about worth over value, right? The Eveready candle sold off eBay for $101. The Chase lighthouse candle sold for $107. The unknown maker for the table candle in row 5 and on the left side is rare, most haven't seen this one. I have some info and more pics in the Show & Tell section you might want to check out.

May Flashlight/Candle

may flashlight/candle

1928 May Flashlight that can also be used as a table light/candle. Runs off 2 C cell batteries.

Bond Flashlight/Candle

bond flashlight

The 1930's Bond flashlight with the candle looking light at the other end. Use for a regular flashlight or just turn it over and now it can be used as a table candle light. You could also add a red blinking bulb and use it as an emergency light. This the only one I have ever seen. It does have the cool factor! Runs off 2 D cell batteries.

Bulldog Table Light


Early 1900's Unknown Bulldog table night light. The body is made of metal with a wooden cover on the bottom. These type of table lights came in many different styles. Runs of a 4.5 volt battery. value $80-$120

Aladdin Table Lights

old table lamps

1950's Aladdin Celluloid Table Lamps value $15-$20