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Garcia Grande Display - Electric Cigar Lighter

garcia grande electric cigar lighter

This is the center piece of all my electric lighters! It took me awhile, but, I finally have one! You just entered... The Garcia Grande Display Gallery.

Featuring... from the 1930's, Garcia Grande, vintage tin cigar counter display, with electric lighter. This is called a combination display unit. It was the property of Garcia Grande Cigars Inc. out of New York City, New York. The unit was made by the Brunhoff Mgf. Co. out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Cigar shops would have this on a counter top, selling only, Garcia Grande cigars in the unit.

The display unit is good shape, with a working lighter, (seen below). It does have some light rust on the bottom, and a few marks on the sides. No dents on the unit as well. The unit could hold two boxes of cigars. You could add a second box on the back. To light your cigar, you would pull/hold down the toggle switch on the right, hold the head of the cigar against the lighter part on the left to light your cigar. The display unit is 9" wide x 9 3/4" deep x 8 1/2" high, at the highest point. The cord is also in good condition, and is over 9 feet long.

garcia grande cigar poster

Not only will I be showing the Garcia Grande cigar display unit in this gallery... anything with advertising that has Garcia Grande on it, that I find, will show up here soon or later.

On the left is a 1930's or 40's store poster, advertising the Garcia Grande Corona cigar. The poster is 11 inches by 18 inches, with glue strips on the back. I found two of these together, the poster I have here is in the better shape of the two. Just a great find in this condition!

This why it's hard to stop collecting. You find something you really like, and you keep adding more and more that relates to the main piece! Even the advertising, which sometimes, is harder to find.

Here's another find. Garcia Grande cigar credit/sales slip from 1934. Another paper item that's in good shape. See below.

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1934 Garcia Grande credit sales slip made out to, The Frankle Brothers CO. Looks to be for 200 Queens cigars. Dated August 7, 1934. from the desk of, Julius Lkdrfein, president.

 electric lighter
 garcia grande electric lighter
 electric lighter
 garcia grande electric lighter
Working Garcia Grande electric lighter

garcia grande cigar box

Here's a hard to find Garcia Grande cigar box, for the 'Babies 50' brand cigars. 8 1/2" long x 4 1/4" wide x 2 1/2" deep. Still in good shape!

Garcia Grande

This is only the third Garcia Grande display unit I have seen, and the only one that worked. The other two didn't work, and both was missing one or two of the feet on the bottom, and not in the best of condition. One was for sale for $299.00 in good condition. The other one sold for around $150.00 and in bad condition. The Garcia Grande cigar box is also hard to find in any condition.

Cigar Punch Board

 electric lighter

This is the Garcia Grande punch board to win free cigars. I have a bigger picture of this in the Tobacco Accessories section. Never used condition.

Garcia Grande Tool

 cigar tool

Here's a nice find to go with this display gallery. Garcia Grande advertising cigar box opener, nail puller, nail hammer/tamper and bottle opener. 4 1/2" long.

Side Note

This counter stand with lighter, is pictured on page 165 of "Antique Cigar Cutters & Lighters" By Jerry Terranova & Douglas Congdon-Martin. So one can say, it has some history behind it.

Also, the instruction sheet is still with the display. Shows how this would look with two boxes of cigars, and has the instructions on how to replace the heating coil.

Since this isn't in a cigar store now, I can display any kind of cigars boxes with the display. I added some more photos... with cigars and the real deal.

The top cigar box in the Garcia Grande tin display unit, is an inside view of the Garcia Grande cigar box, the bottom cigar box is Garcia & Bros Queen cigars. These were cigar dealers dummy displays boxes. I also have a Garcia Vega Roosevelts cigar box with the dummy cigars. Both can be hard to find in good condition.

NOTE: I finally found the Garcia Grande cigar box for this display. Has a 1934 stamp on it. Very cool.

Garcia Grande Cigar

 garcia grande cigar
Garcia Grande Token

 garcia grande cigar token

1920's Garcia Grande cigar token. On one side with the horse shoe reads... Good for one ten cent Garcia Grande cigar. Ask for by full name.

The other side reads... Redeemed by wholesale agents for ten cents from any dealer handling Garcia Grande cigars.

Garcia Grande Lable

 garcia grande