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Vintage Eveready Flashlights 2

Eveready Logo (1897-Present)

Ever Ready came out with their first catalog in 1898 and it had 23 pages. Ever Ready Electric Light Novelties with the dealer's name, Seth Fuller was printed on the cover. Along with a few flashlights they showed their electric bicycle lamp, the Ever Ready night light, electric candle and the electric gas lighter to name a few.

Eveready Dealer Catalog

If you like to look at the old flashlight catalogs, you'll want to take a look at the 1934 Eveready Dealers' catalog with the price list. Has some flashlight and battery displays. This Way

If you liked the 1934 Eveready catalog, you might like this one better? This one is from 1914. View Here

In this gallery we have a couple of rare Eveready flashlights. One is the 1915 Comet flashlight with a slide switch by the end cap. The other is the 5 D cell fiber body flashlight with a low switch and 3 shield logo on the end cap. Not many of these was made in this model.

All you need to do now is move your mouse pointer over a flashlight to view an enlarged photo with a short description on each flashlight.

Eveready Penlights

1930 Eveready Penlights. Value $25-$35