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Specially Vintage Flashlights

german aviation flare

I have seen this listed as a black & white German aviation guide flare made by Artas. I have also see this listed as a German police traffic baton flashlight. It works off 2 D cell batteries and uses 4 bulbs with a leather strap at the end.

I put together this Gallery to show some specially flashlights like traffic wands or as some call them, emergency lights. They would have been many uses like directing traffic or for a freeway/highway emergency or roadside emergency. Also could have been used for safety or signal lights. They could have been used for different uses for any industry from controlling and directing traffic of large groups of people. They could have also been used for parking cars at big events or even parking lots. I have never seen the Winchester with the red wand before so maybe it was added to the flashlight. I have seen the wands in different colors. My favorite is the one by Burgess.

I have a few different inspection lights, (flex-lights) for those tight places where a regular flashlight wouldn't be useful and was used by different kinds of inspectors.

traffic light
1950's Eveready Traffic/Wand Light (11 3/4" long)

traffic light
1950's Rayovac Traffic/Wand Light (11 3/4" long)

 Usher Flashlights
1930's Rayovac Movie Usher's Flashlight (8" long)
 Rayovac Flashlights
1930's Rayovac Flashlight w/Red Glass Lens 3 D Cell

 Winchester Flashlights
1930's Winchester Traffic/Wand 2 D Cells

1935 Burgess Red Glow Directional Flashlight (9" long)
(More info in my Show & Tell section)

flex light
Hussman Flex Light made in Japan (11" long)

1947 Flex-Lite INC (10 1/2" & 17" long) 2 AA Cell

1940's Flex-Lite INC 2 D Cells (18" long)

Flex Light
1960 Zoo Flex-Lite (Aero-Motive MGF) (16" long)
2 D Cell

Flex Light
1960 Zoo Flex-Lite (Aero-Motive MGF) (14 1/2" long
w/Clip (2 AA cell)

Flex Light
1960 Zoo Lite Flex-Lite (Aero-Motive MGF) (14 1/2" long
No Clip (2 AA cell)

pointer flashlight
Clay-Adams Pointer Flashlight (12 1/2" long)
Winchester, Bond, Olin Trade Marks
Antenna Lights


emergency flasher

1950's Road side emergency light. This was made to slip over the antenna on your vehicle in case of a roadside emergency. Both are 12 inches tall and made in Hong Kong. Runs off 2 C cell batteries

Flashing Emergency
emergency flasher

This emergency light with suction cup blinks and works off 2 D cell batteries.

Flashing Emergency
emergency flasher

Emergency light that blinks with suction cup and uses 2 C cell batteries.

Zoo Flex-Lites

Let's get confused. The two gold Flex-Lites have Kalamazoo, Mich. printed on the bodies with the brand name Flex-Lite INC. The black Flex-Lite also has the brand name Flex-lite Inc. printed on the body with Kalamazoo, Mich. The D cell silver one has Zoo-Lite with the brand name Aero-Motive MGF printed on the end cap along with Kalamazoo, Mich. The AA cell silver one with the clip has Zoo with the brand name Areo-Motive MGF printed on the end cap with Kalamazoo, Mich. The other AA cell silver one with no clip has Zoo-Lite with the brand name Areo-Motive printed on the end cap with Kalamazoo, Mich. One thing we know for sure is, they all come from Kalamazoo Mich. I guess that's why they're called Kalamazoo Flex-Lites.