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Vintage Ray-O-Vac Flashlights

Ray-O-Vac logo 1906-Present

French Ray-O-Lite On the right we have the 1920-1921 French Ray-O-Lite 2 D cell flashlight, in the middle we have the 1920-1921 French-Ray-O-Lite 3 D cell, next to that, the 1920-1921 C cell and the 1915 French Flasher 2 C cell with the unique triangle switch. The Ray-O-Lite flashlights have the 3 rivet slide button switch.

Started out as the French Battery and Carbon Company in 1906. (aka: French). The brand name was changed to French Flasher in 1914-1915. The brand name was changed to Ray-O-Lite in 1920. Then another brand name change to Ray-O-Vac in 1922 and the French changed the company's name to the Ray-O-Vac Company in 1934 as it's know today.

French Flasher

The flashlght above is a 1914 French Flasher. The body is still in nice condition, and works after all these years. Still has the orignal bulb. Has pat'd date of April 28, 1914 on the end cap.

View 1950's Ray-O-Vac Display Ads

All you need to do now is move your mouse pointer over a vintage Rayovac flashlight to view an enlarged photo with a short description on each flashlight.

1945 Rayovac Ad

Bond Ad