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Vintage USALite Tin Lithograph Flashlights

USALITE logo Usalite Lithograph Flashlights. I added a couple more tin lithograph flashlights to my collection of USALite flashlights, and decided to show them in one gallery. So here it is... for your viewing pleasure...

Roy Rogers & Lone Ranger

On the right we have the 1950's Lone Ranger lithograph flashlight, with the compass end cap, which might be the wrong end cap for the flashlight. Maybe it came from the factory this way by mistake. I haven't seen the box with the compass on the end cap, or any advertising. Still a keeper. The one next to it, is the 1950's Lone Ranger lithograph signal flashlight, with the siren end cap. On the far right is the 1950's Roy Rogers with Trigger lithograph signal flashlight, with the siren end cap. See the ad below on the lower right.

pledge of allegiance Flashlight

The Silver Bullet code and the Roy Rogers code, came with the flashlights and boxes shown above.

Roy Rogers Flashlight

Are you ready for another Roy Rogers flashlight? Well, this isn't it, but almost. This looks like it was never used, and the box is in great condition. It's the signal siren flashlight, that came with the compass end cap, and... a flashlight holster, with the secret code/morse code paper work, in the box.

This looks to be another factory mistake. Should have had the siren end cap. The Roy Rogers with the compass end cap was called... The Trail Blazer. For the record, this is the first time I have seen the Roy Rogers flashlight holster. The ad seen on the bottom right, states, they came with or without the holster. You'll see from the ad, that there is another version of this flashlight. Happy Trails.

Davy Crocket Flashlight

Davy Crocket Flashlight USALite Davy Crocket tin lithograph signal siren flashlight from the mid 50's. The flashlight is in near mint condition, the box, not so much. The top and bottom flashlight holders, made from cardboard, are still in great condition.

This is only the second Davy Crocket flashlight I have seen. This one is pretty plain as far as the tin lithographs, made by USALite.

View the Davy Crocket Flashlight Display »

Besides the lithograph flashlights seen here, USALite had a line of tin lithographs for Disney characters from the mid 30's. Those are the money flashlights. Some more rarer than others.

pledge of allegiance Flashlight

The Pledge of Allegiance flashlight from the late 40's, is a little more easier to find than the Davy Crocket flashlight. This one is still a hard to find flashlight in good working condition.

The 1950's Tom Corbett Space Cadet signal siren flashlight. Came with the box, the planet distance guide and weight chart paper work. The flashlight is in mint condition. The box shows wear, one flap missing on top. Still in ok condition. See below - Tom Corbett Space Rocket Pin-On Lite

View the Space Cadet Display »
1950's USALite Tom Corbett Space Cadet Pin-On Lite Displace Card. This goes nice with the Space Cadet flashlight.

It's great to find advertising to go along with the flashlights, when we can. This way we have... "The Proof" to end all debates! Because some times, even the experts get it wrong. Plus having the ads, just makes things look better, and they go good with the flashlights.

usalite Flashlight

Saving the best for last. Usalite Donald Duck Serenade Tin Lithograph. This is one of three in this series, I think? They also had the Three Little Wovels and Joy-A-teers. These are very hard to find, and if you do find one, it will set you back a few hundred dollars!

USALite also had the Mickey Mouse Tin Lithograph in two versions, with and without the ring hanger. These came out in 1935 and 1936.

That's all for the USALite Tin Lithograph section - until something else shows up? Hope you enjoyed. The Hunt Continues.

Roy Rogers Flashlight

 Roy Rogers Flashlight Ad

1952 USALite Roy Rogers signal siren flashlight ad.

Roy Rogers Flashlight

 Roy Rogers Flashlight Ad

1950's USALite Roy Rogers signal flashlight ad. Came with or without the hoslter.

The Lone Ranger

USALite Ad

USALite Ad