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Vintage USAlite Flashlights

USA LITE logo U.S. Electric Mfg. Corp. (1920-1960's)


You just entered - The USALite Flashlight Museum. Open 24/7.

I added a new gallery of USALites to start off 2021 - brings the total to 13 pages in all. I now have over over 190 USALite items in my small, but growing - USALite Flashlight Museum. Which includes, flashlights, lanterns, penlights, pocket lights, paper ads, batteries, two battery testers, Zep-O-lite printer block, flashlight boxes, USALite letterhead and a couple of displays. This also includes one hard to find USALite bike light. Counting just lights of some kind, (flashlights, penlites, lanterns etc. is now over 160.

View Early USALite 3 Cell Battery Here »

This 3 cell battery has the same USALite logo as the battery tester, which I think might be the earliest USALite logo - early 1920's. The flashlight seen here has a pat. date of Dec. 1918 on the switch, which is the earliest pat. date I have found. They also had pat. dates of 1919. NOTE: Some experts I have talked with say, some flashlight Mfg. had early pat. dates to show they have been in business earlier than they really were. The battery is 7 inches long.


I have always wondered if USALite had any candle lights? Now I know they did with this rare find. Works off 2 C cell batteries, the lens is made of plastic, body is metal. Has USALite, pat pending printed on the bottom. Pick the candle up and it turns on, set it down to turn off. Stands 7 inches tall.

Very nice condidtion with no dents, scratches or rust. I'm thinking from the 1930's, maybe the early 40's. Took me years to find and well worth the waite!

What does a USALite letterhead look like? View Here »

Here we have a United States Electric MFG Corp. - USALite letterhead dated June 13 1952. Paper work for a repaired redhead case and lamp. Shows RH22, which would be the number in their catalog for the redhead model shown in the upper right of this letterhead. It also shows - no charge for the repair.

Please Note: I'm always looking for USALite flashlights I don't have, and other USALite items to add to my collection. Maybe you have something of interest? If so, please email me.

We'll start out with the USALite swivel-head flashlights. You will see eight different swivel-heads in this gallery. I'm missing one that we just don't see come around. That's the solid green swivel head, with the black body. I have the one with the solid red head, (not red swirl) black body shown below. The Flashlight Musuem calls these, ceramic heads. I'm not so sure, as they feel like a hard plastic, just like the black swivel heads.


Not all the swivel heads came with the name plate, same goes for the ring hanger, some had'em and some didn't. Also, some have a ribbed end cap, and some have a smooth end cap. You will also see the red swirl swivel head with and without the name plate. The first one I have seen without the name plate.

Below you'll see the green swivelhead with the box, which is really rare to find. The box shows the black swivel-head with the metal end cap, same as the black/gray box. Maybe they used only the black swivel-head with the metal end cap, pictured on the boxes for the swivel-head flashlights.

usalite If you're a fan of the USAlite swivel heads, you might want to read an interesting article about the on going debate as being a GM accessory in the Collectors Corner.

If anyone has a GM catalog, with the USALite swivel-head in it, please send me an email with the photo for the proof. I would really like to see it. So far, we have no proof.


What's different with this USALite swivel-head flashlight? Notice the end cap - it's smooth, the others have rib lines on them. Also has swivel-head printed on the end cap as seen in the photo above. So it's the right end cap for the flashlight.

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1945 Swivel Head Ad

USALite Swivel-Head