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Vintage Foreign Flashlights

This is my Foreign Vintage Flashlight Gallery. You can view more old flashlights by using the gallery links located on the right.

Tri-Color flashlights

Signal Flashlights, (also called tri-color or 3 way lights) are the ones with the red and green lens or bulbs with a clear bulb for using as a regular flashlight. They could have been used for traffic control, used on ships, boats, trains, camping or for an emergency. From left to right we have a Trip-Lite, Parrot 3 color, Wing Star, Spear Point and Ash Flash on the far right. All made in Hong Kong. The Trip-Lite is the only one with bulbs, red, green and clear. Also has a glass lens (more info on the Trip-Lite in the Show & Tell section). The Parrot has a side clip and a glass lens. The other 3 have a plastic lens.

Daimon postcard

1940's Daimon advertising postcard... Flashlights, Bulbs, Batteries. Shows battery #270, 2 cell 3 volts, #1287 and #1289 unit cells. Made in Germany.

My favorite flashlight in this gallery is in the second row on the left. Has Chinese and English printed on the body with information on how to use the flashlight. You can focus for a wide light or a spot light by sliding the top red button up or down. You can then dim the light or turn it brighter by sliding the bottom red button left to right. Another option is you can use 2 D cells batteries or use 3 cells. Has built in extensions to add or subtract one battery. The ring hanger slides into the end cap and has a glass lens.

Another favorite flashlight would be the 'Poor Man's Redhead' The Stellar emergency flashlight with a stand. A lot cheaper than the USA Lite Redhead and works as a true emergency flashing flashlight. Has a switch for a regular flashlight and the second switch is for the flasher.

All you need to do now is move the mouse pointer over a flashlight to view an enlarged photo and a short description on each old flashlight.

Table Candle Light

Wonder Candle-Light made in Hong Kong and has a button to keep the light on.

Lady Bugs

1935 Daimon Metal Lady Bug is on top, value $25-$35. The 1955 Daimon Plastic Lady Bug on the bottom. 2 AA batteries and made in Germany.