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Vintage Winchester Flashlights

Winchester (1919-1950's)

vintage winchester ad The Winchester ad on the right was taken from a 1956 Winchester catalog, sent in by Tom L. from Ohio. Thanks Tom for sharing this, (not in my collection).

Winchester was an Olin Industries company. Bond and Winchester may have had a connection in 1937 when Bond moved near Winchester to New Haven, Connecticut. Olin bought Bond around 1946 and both Winchester and Bond merged together officially around 1949 with Olin. Both Bond and Winchester began to advertise that they were a division of Olin Industries. You will see all 3 names on the end cap as early as 1941.

Winchester also make flashlights for other company's and under different brand names, such as, Barney & Berry, Armax, Simmons Steady Lite, Rexall Scout and Burgess to name a few. Did other company's make flashlights for Winchester? That I do not know. Maybe?

If you look at the flashlight below to the left of the gray Winchester, it looks just like the 1950 Bright Star flashlight. So which company made it? Could it be made by another company altogether and sold to both Bright Star and Winchester, and then they printed their names on the flashlights. The names are also on the end cap. Another flashlight mystery

All you need to do now is move your mouse pointer over a vintage flashlight to view an enlarged photo and a short description on each flashlight.