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Vintage Eveready Flashlights

Eveready Switchless Flashlight

Eveready Logo (1897-Present)

On the right we have the 1923 2 D cell Switchless Eveready flashlight with aluminum body, paper band with the box. I never knew Eveready had a switchless flashlight before I came up with this one. They also had a C cell switchless with the aluminum body and paper band. The D cell has a value $$70-$90 in mint condition with the box. The C cell with the box has a value around $50-$60

Here's some early Ever Ready facts.
1898 First Ever Ready flashlight produced
1902 First Ever Ready trademark appears on end caps of flashlights
1906 Product name change from Ever Ready to Eveready
1910 Introduction of tungsten filament bulb
1926 Ring hanger first available on flashlights
1937 Pre-focused bulb introduced

Eveready flashlights

I finally found an Eveready gun/pistol flashlight from 1914 at a local sale. Runs off AA battery pack and works with the original bulb. Value would be $50-$75. I have seen these go for $75 off eBay in good condition.

The first Eveready pistol light came in the gun-metal finish, then they came out with the nickel plated version. Then they showed up again in the Daylo period with Eveready Daylo stamped on the grip/handle.

Eveready flashlights

Just a note about the Eveready flashlights with the calfskin leather and cradle. They are Eveready flashlights, but, I was told the calfskin leather was added by the Mark Cross Company, England. Not sure who made the cradle, the Mark Cross Company also added the calfskin leather on the cradle. Also, I know of one company that sold these, Eaton's sold these in a box with their name on it, as shown here. These came in 7 different colors that I know of. Could be more? Only time will tell.

Eveready flashlights

Above is the first black calfkin Eveready with the cradle, that I have seen. The flashlight is not in the best of condition, but, sometimes it's best to have the flashlight, in any condition, than not to have it.

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Eveready Wallites

1931 Eveready Wallites.

More Eveready Wallites

1933 Eveready Ad