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Vintage Flashlights-Lighters For Sale

To all collectors of vintage flashlights, vintage lanterns, vintage battery operated lights, and vintage cigarette/cigar lighters, vintage electric lighters, and anything that goes with it. I will be selling off my collections. GotaLight.net will continue to stay online, through 2022 at least, maybe longer with no working email, (just for viewing pleasure and information). My updates are getting less and less, and I'm not looking to add any more galleries. It's to the point it's a lot of work, and not pleasure any more. I'm also willing to sell at a fair price.

I'm looking to make a big move out of the state of California, by the middle of 2021, and can't take a lot stuff with me. What ever I can take in my truck and tralier, that's it. I'm hoping to move off grid, and won't need a lot of things I have now, including my collections.

So take a look throught out the gallieres, don't forget the Show & Tell section. You should find something of interest. I will keep a few of my favorite flashlights and lighters just for keepsake, so to to speak.

Anyone interested on buying, please send me an email. I can always send some photos for a better look. I will also let you know if the flashlights or lighters are working or not. I will be honest in the condition they are in. I really don't want to sell on eBay, if I can help it.

I have already sold a some flashlights and lighters, over the last couple of months. I will not be adding any for sale notice with a price next to any flashlight, lighter, or anything else I have sold. There will be no sold notice on what has already been sold. Way too much work and time. I will let you know if it's sold or not. Hope you understand. Thank you.

I prefer money orders over PayPay or checks. PayPay chargers fees, (I would have to charge more) and checks take time to clear. I'll try and be flexable.

Thank you to all the visitors... and all your emails/photos over the years! It has been fun!