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Vintage Battery Operated Lanterns #2

To the right is a nice little wall/night light with pull string made in Hong Kong. 5 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches and runs off 2 D cells.

The Streamline lanterns below were also know as, 'Pocket Lanterns'. The conductor's could fold up the handle and put the lantern in their pocket until they needed it again. Streamline is still in operation today.

chase lantern
1937 Chase Brass Binnacle Lamp with Opaque Chimney
Rare Green Chimney
3 Different Style Globes (2 C Cell)
usalite lantern
1940's USALite Camp Lite Mirror/Box
2 D Cell
usalite lantern
1940's USALite Red Mirror Lite/Box and Instruction Sheet
Morse Code/Mirror 2 D Cell
eveready lantern
1932 Eveready #10 Spotlight Lantern 2 C Cell
2 1/2" X 2 1/2"
1919 delta buddy
1919 Delta Buddy
G (2 D Cells)
1940 Delta Buddy
1940 Delta Buddy
Glow In The Dark Switch
(2 C cells)
1934 Pioneer Lantern
1934 Pioneer Lantern (Made By Niagara)
Folding Handle On back 2 D Batteries
streamline lantern
1960's Streamline Passenger
Conductor's Lantern
Streamline Products
(2 D Cell)
little streamline lantern
1930's Little Streamline
Conductor's Lantern
Light Weight Lantern Co.
(2 D Cell)
Copper Lantern w/Frosted Glass Globe
(2 D Cell)
Copper Lantern w/ Stained Glass Globe
(2 D Cell)
1960's Ash Flash
(4 D cell)
Black Lantern
1930's Black Lantern w/Folding Handle/Wall Hanger
Unknown Maker (4.5 volt)
1960's Camera Style Lantern
Red Blinker (2 D cells)
mini lantern
Ash Flash 'Flashy' II Lantern
Red Top Light
1950's Cathedral Lantern
(2 D cells)
1950's Cathedral Lantern
2 D cell
Bond Lantern

Bond Mini  Lantern

1937 Bond Brass Mini Lantern. Opaque Chimney, works off 2 C cell batteries.

Bond Mini Lantern

The Bond with the clear globe is considered the No Name mini lantern with the Bond brand name on top. The Bond with the red globe has Pla-Mate printed on the top. Lifting the bale handle up turns the lantern on, turning the bail handle down turns it off. These also came with green, blue and orange glass globes. Works off 1 C cell battery.

Vintage Brass Lanterns

light house lantern

1950's European or British Brass Lighthouse lanterns. The lantern on the left runs off one D cell battery and is 5 inches tall. The lantern on the right is almost 6 inches tall and no clue what kind of battery this one takes. Has a small round battery compartment. Some of the bigger versions ran off oil or kerosene.

Pluto Lantern

Pluto lantern

1957 Pluto Lantern by Line Mar Toys, Japan. Works off 2 C cell batteries. These sell from $50-$125 in ok-good condition or with missing parts, (tongue, tail bottom battery plate). Excellent to mint condition, $200-$300. I added a photo with the lantern turned on in the Show & Tell section.

Chestlite Lanterns

chestlite lantern

The top Chestlite lantern is army green and has a leather strap with extra red lens. (Donated by a friend). The bottom is a Brown Chestlite Lantern. Both have a Focusing Lens Ring and made by Universal Flashlight Co. USA. Glass lens and all metal body, 4 inches tall. Works with 2 D batteries.

Lantern or Candle

unknown lantern

Unknown 1950's lantern or is it a candle light? Either way it's a cool looking lantern candle. Stands 11 1/2 inches tall to the glass lens and over all stands 15 inches tall to the handle. Got it to work using a 2 D cell battery holder and hooked the wires together.

Chase Lantern
 mini lantern

1936 Chase Airalite Pocket Lantern with stand. (AKA: Purse light). Polished nickel and runs off 2 AA's. 2 1/4 by 2 inches.

Chick Lantern
 mini chick lantern

1950's Little chick lantern. Made by Amico, Japan. Works off 2 C cell batteries.