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USAlite RedHead Flashlight

USA LITE logo U.S. Electric Mfg. Corp. (1920-1960's)

In this gallery I'm going to show you another different USALite RedHead. Which I call, the 'Mystery Usalite Red-Head'. The mystery redhead flashlight is broke down in sections, to show just how different this one is.

There is one main detail, that is the same on both red-head flashlights, with the red end caps. This is the confusing part. Other than that, two different red-heads. You should notice that right away

USALITE Redhead flashlights

Laying side by side, with the lens cover/lens holder and the end caps off. You can see one has the name plate, and the other one doesn't. I haven't seen a name plate on the red-heads, with the glass red lens ever. Here's where I was confused. They both have the same switch. I have only seen this style of switch on the red-heads with the red plastic end caps.

USALITE Redhead flashlights

Here's a photo of what the treads look like where the end caps screw on. See the difference? Now, I removed both lens cover/lens holder, and end caps on both flashlights. I tried to screw them on to the other flashlight, and... wasn't going to happen. The end caps are either just a bit too big or just a bit too small. Same thing with lens holder and red lens holder, It's NOT a fit. So this tells me, this is the way it should be. I also did the same thing with the red-head with the red safety cone. See below.

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The same thing happens, the end cap slips over the treads, and the same thing happens when I changed lens holders, does not tighten down, and slips right on and off. As you can see, the cone shaped red-head un-screws different, comes off in three parts, not two. Just trying to explain all this is confusing!

USALITE Redhead flashlights

This is what the end cap looks like on the mystery red-head you see here. This is same end cap found on another red-head, which the Flashlight Museum calls, version 2b. No name plate on it either. Take a look on their website.

I have over 85 USALite flashlights, and the end caps can be confusing. I have seen the same end caps on different models in different years, and a few years apart. There's too many to be a mistake. So I don't think someone replaced the end cap.

USALITE Redhead flashlights

Surprise! I bet you wasn't expecting to see this? Now you know why, I called it... The Mystery Red-Head.

You can see the difference in both redheads. If you have the red-head with the name plate, and have the red-head with the red glass lens, or have seen both flashlights, then you should see the difference in the stands also. These have the side bracket stands. The red-heads with the red glass lens, have the under the body stand/middle mount stand. Plus the stands look different from each other. The red-head you see here, with the red glass lens, has the side bracket stand. Interesting, and confusing. (read below)

On the Flashlight Museum website, they have a red-head they call a safety flare, dated 1938. View Here (don't for get to come back) If you look at the body, it looks like the red-head with the red plastic end cap, with the side mount stand, not the middle mount stand. That one does not look like the Phillips 66, or the ones with the flat end caps, with the red glass lens. It has a different body and stand. Also the switch has four rivets, like the red lens red-heads, not three rivets. The end cap appears to be different also.

Remember, the head on the red-head flashlights, with the red end cap, the lens holder won't fit. The 1938 red-head flare on the Flashlight Museum website is different. Now this one. They all can't be a mistake.

One last thing to consider. Anything is possible. That's why catalogs and ads are important... to set the facts straight.

Below is the last photo in the gallery. This is what it looks like in all its glory. This is the way I found it. I'm sure there are more out there, just waiting to found.

USALITE Redhead flashlights
1947 USALite Ad

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Not A Red-Head

I have another USALite flashlight with the stand, that should be on the red-head with the glass red lens, but it's not. You can see this flashlight, and read some information in the Show & Tell section. Look for the caption - USALite Red-Head - That's Not A Red-Head? Flashlights should be simple, not confusing!