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Vintage Penlight Flashlights

Burgess Penlite Display

1950's vintage Burgess Penlight cardboard display in good condition but not mint condition. Came with 8 brown penlights also in real good condition with no chips or scratches. I checked them and they all still work.

Store owners could hang this on a wall or display on a table top counter. The penlights were sold for 98 cents each, someone wrote that on the display. The penlights alone in mint condition would be worth around $20-$25 each. These penlights came in a few different colors including brass and all chrome.

Burgess Penlite Display

Rare 1950's Olin Key-Chain Pencilite cardboard display. These could be considered as the 'Little Brother' to the penlights and works off 1 AAA battery. Has Olin Industries Inc. with Winchester and Bond trade marks on the bottom of the display.

Here's something interesting. Only one pencilite has a name on it. Are you ready? Winchester. NOTE: Olin display is for sale. $50.00. FREE shipping.

Interesting fact. Even the well known brands don't always have their brand name on their flashlights. No Olin trade mark or Olin name are on the lights.

If you'll notice the Burgess penlight with the red tip and the other penlight with the red tip in the gallery below looks the same. The only difference is the groves on the Burgess body. The Burgess penlight has their name printed on the pocket clip, the other one has no name on it.

1930 Eveready Nickel Plated Penlight, 2 AA's
1930 Eveready Green Painted Penlight, 2 AA's
1948 Eveready #220 Chrome Penlight, 2 AA's
1952 Eveready Green Slim Penlight 2 AAA
1952 Eveready Chrome Slim Penlight 2 AAA
bond penlite
1931 Bond Pearlescent Penlight 2 AA's
bond penlite
1931 Bond Blue Pearlescent Penlight 2 AA's
bond penlite
1940's Bond Chrome Penlight 2 AA's
franco penlight
1925? Franco Penlight, w/Franco Trade Mark, Patent Applied For
2 AA's
brass penlight
1930 Brass w/ Marble Design Penlight 2 AA's
green penlight
1940's Bakelite Swirl Design 2 AA's
1930 Utica CO. Nite-Lite Made in Germany
Orange over Brass 2 AA's value $25-$30
Original Made In Germany Bulb With The S Shaped Filament
Kwiklite penlight
1930's Kwiklite Cinnamon Color Penlight 2 AA's
Original Bulb With The S Shaped Filament
1933 Red/Black Pattern, Fort Dearborn 2 AA's
Original Bulb With S Shaped Filament
1955 Ray O Vac Penlight, 2 AA's value $15
yates penlite
Pre-60's Yates Pilots Penlight
Heavy Gauge Steel #6 A-6B U.S. 2 AA's
Unknown Chrome Pilots Penlight Red & Clear Lens
2 AA's, value $15
1940's Justrite Military Green Pilots Map Reading Penlight
MS-21998-1 P/N 1730-7 2 AA's
1940's Justrite Military Pilots Plated Aluminum Penlight
MS-21998-2 P/N 1730-8 2 AA's
Unknow Military Pilots Plated Aluminum Penlight
MS-21998-2 P/N 213310-2 2 AA's
Unknown Military Pilots Plated Aluminum Penlight
MS-21998-2 P/N 213310-2 2 AA's
Unknown Home/Shop Made Penlights 2 AA's
1950's Burgess Brass Pen Light, 2 AA's
1950's Burgess Chrome Penlight, 2 AA's
1950's Burgess Aluminum Penlight, 2 AA's
Unknown 1950's Aluminum Penlight, 2 AA's Batteries
1940 Rayovac Penlight, 2 AA's
Collar Neck Switch w/Cloud Logo
1950's Underwood Penlight, 2 AA's
underwood penlight
1950's Underwood Penlight Round Glass Bulb 2 AA's
1955 Mallory All Steel Penlight 3 AAA's Twist Cap Switch
black penlight
1930's Unknown Black Penlight 2 AA's Twist Cap Switch
value $20
1960 BMG Penlight 2 AA Push Top Switch
USA Lite

1940 USA Lite penlight with end thumb switch on the right. 1950 USA Lite art deco style penlight with top lock switch on the left.

USA Lite bakelite penlight with original AA batteries.

Solid Glass Bulb

The red and white Underwood has a solid glass bulb and the filament is hidden underneath in the base. This predated the penlight bulb. Always a bonus in any flashlight to have this type of bulb and it still works!

Penlight Bulbs

Here's few more penlight bulbs that are in some of these penlights. Some had the original 'S' shaped filaments. Which is always cool. You never know... what kind you might find?

Shinning Lights

The old timers still put out some good light. The 2 penlights on the right turn on and off by tightening and loosening the end cap.

Home Made

A nice home/shop made brass penlight. Made out of a brass fuse and has Economy Fuse FED. PAC. ELEC. Co. printed on the base. Stands 4 1/2 inches and works off 2 AA batteries.

Unknown - No Name

Three unknown/no name penlights. All three runs off one AA battery.