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Vintage Collectible Resources

I've added this section of resources on Vintage Flashlights and Vintage Cigarette Lighters just for you! When I come across any useful sites, I'll list them here.

  1. Flashlight Repairs - Now on gotalight.net
  2. Flashlight Museum - 100's of flashlights, photos, prices
  3. Flashlight Collectors
  4. World Craft Flashlight Museum
  5. Dating Eveready Flashlights - How old is your Eveready?
  6. The Giterman Collection - Flashlights/Lanterns
  7. Worth Point - Vintage Flashlights
  8. Flashlight Facts
  9. Jeff's Railroad Lanterns
  10. Table Top Lighters Guide - How much is it worth?
  11. On The Lighter Side - Cigarette Lighter Club
  12. Electrice Lighter Repair
  13. International Vintage Lighter Exchange - Useful Info
  14. Vintage Lighter Book - Over 300 lighters
  15. Vintage Cigarette Lighters - Good Information
  16. History of Vintage Christmas Trees Lights - The Bert Messervey Story (Flashlight shown with the buffalo logo from gotalight.net)
Bike Flashlight


You're looking at a vintage Cat Eye bike flashlight made in Japan for a bicycle from the 40's or 50's. It has a strap to hold it on the handlebar for night time riding.... or early A.M. Works!