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Vintage Switch-less Flashlights

Here's my collection of Vintage Switch-less Flashlights. You'll see a couple you've never seen before! I promise.

kwik-lite flashlight

My latest switch-less flashlight is the hard to find, Kwik-Lite switch-less 2 C cell flashlight. Has their famous middle load for batteries. Has hammered imprint on end, w/Pat. Jan. 15, 18'. About 5 inches long.

The Bond/Yale switch-less flashlights could be the rarest in this group. You can find some more information in the Show & Tell section. Did you know Bright Star had a switch-less flashlight? The last two are made out of cardboard with metal ends and chances are came out during world war II. The Orion-Lite is a brand I have never heard about. I asked a couple of other collectors and they had the same answer. Never heard of it. These all use 2 D cell batteries and still work.

All you need to do now is move your mouse pointer over a flashlight to view an enlarged photo and a short description on each flashlight.