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Vintage Tobacciana Accessories

owl cigar card

Just about all vintage collectibles have vintage accessories of some sort, and advertising that goes with them. When we're talking about cigarette and cigar lighters, we have all kinds of tobacciana accessories. Cigarette dispensers, tobacco rolling machines, rolling papers, tobacco tins, cigar cutters, ashtrays, fluid cans and flint packs to name a few. I'll show you some of the vintage accessories I've collected along the way.

geometric lighter

This is Mr. Smoking Sambo on the right. Is this a smoking advertising piece? Is it original? Some say it was found in smoke shops advertising off brand cigarettes. It is a stand up advertising piece, with a small hole in the mouth, that a cigarette would fit in... or?

After doing some research, not so sure about that. But, it would work that way. The one shown here is a... reproduction of the thin cardboard pyrotechnic novelties once sold in mid-20th century at fireworks stands. The fold-out prop on the back was to help the item stand up so a cigar-like smoke bomb could be placed in the mouth and lit. Produced by the United Fireworks of Dayton, Ohio, which was printed on the back. I did find one saying... Manufactured by the Tipp Fireworks Co in Tippecanoe City, Ohio printed on the back with instructions. If you find one with NO printing on the back side, as in blank, it's a reproduction! So it's safe to say, not made for smoke shops.

Brown & Williams

Vintage Brown and Williamson cigarette rolling machine. They started making these in the 1930's, and re-issued them in the 60's. This one looks to be from the mid 60's.

How can we tell? First, they stopped printing the offer for replacement belts on the bottom in the early 60's. The address also includes a zip code, (earlier ones didn't) which means, it was made after 1963. Even if you have one without the zip code, could have been made between 1930 through the 60's. Take your pick? Nothing I can see had been changed throughout the years. All metal, little over 6" long.


Here's a vintage Kola Cigarette roller machine, with the box. Instructions on the back on how to roll a perfect smoke, easy and quickly. Couldn't find any information on it, so I'm thinking it could be from the 40's. Has a red metal base and a blue cloth. 3" x 5". From the looks of this one, it was used a lot.


Now for a few match tins or match safes, as some folks call'em. Holds a few matches with the striker on the bottom. These could be a collection all by itself, without the lighters. For the ones that didn't want to spend or have the money on lighters, fuel, wicks and flints. These were the perfect choice. Easy to carry in your pocket.


On the right is a 1940's Garcia Grande Cigar Baseball Game Board. Play Baseball and Smoke. Punch out a home run gets 5 free cigars. 3 base hit gets 4 free cigars. 2 base hit gets 3 free cigars. Base hit, base on balls, stolen base and sac hit, all get 2 free cigars. A double play gets 1 free cigar, and the last play of the game gets 3 free cigars. Would cost you 5 cents to play. Made by the Harlich MFG. Co. Chicago, USA. Mint condition. 10" x 5 1/2".

I now have the vintage Garcia Grande cigar tin display box with electric lighter. Look for the Garcia Grande Display link.


On the right I have a nice, maybe hard to find, round cigarette punch board with a base stand. Lotta Smokes 5 cent per punch. The winner gets their choice of Lucky Strike, Camel, Chesterfield and Old Gold cigarettes. With the right number, you could win 3, 4 or 5 free packs of smokes. 9 1/2" x 10" and 3/4" thick. The punch key is still under the seal on the back. More times than not, it's missing.

These were popular in the early 20's through the 50's. The earlier games were really gambling punch boards. Of course that brought in the wrong crowds of people. It was easy to cheat. It wasn't until the late 30's that they went to advertising. A way to get by the gambling laws. So cigar, cigarette and beer compaines, among others, set'em up to promote their products.


This is one of the smaller punch boards on the right. 3 1/4" x 4 3/4" and 3/4" thick. Very thick cardboard. You could win Lucky Strikes, Camels, Chesterfield and Old Golds. With the winning numbers you could win 20, 40 or 60 smokes of your choice. 5 cents per punch out. Unused with 100 punch outs.


On the left I have a wooden holder to hold matchbooks. Also has a door compartment for a pack of smokes or more matchbooks. I'm sure it could also be used for other things. So to say it's only a matchbook holder, might not be right. For me, it's a matchbook holder, (holds 6 boxes) and came with what you see. Stands 6 1/2" tall and 5" wide. Seems to be made from cherry wood and in decent shape.

After going through a box I didn't look in yet. I found some old advertising, some punch-boards and a few other things I forgot about. It's good to clean out the closet sometimes! I want to have all this on one page, so I hope not to over do it. It may end up long, but worth the view and time. I hope? Now I just need to tell myself, no more buying. I have enough.


I didn't collect a lot of tins, but I do have a few. I have a couple tins for smokes and one cigar tin. One is a 1930's or early 40's, Luck Strike Flat Fifties cigarette tin box, with gold trim. Holds 50 cigarettes.5 1/2 x 4 1/2. This one is pre-war. They changed the color after the war years.

The Lucky Strike Fifties tin box, had a bridge game that came inside some of the tins, with the cigarettes. They had a series of 50. This one is #37. Never used. See below.

View Lucky Strike Bridge Game Here »
This is a vintage promotional bridge card game by Lucky Strike from the American Tobacco Cigarette Company. It has game instructions on the reverse side. One Lucky Strike bridge card was included with each tin of 50 cigarettes. Cards have different pictures of early 1900's film stars. This is one from a series of fifty hands arranged by Milton C. Work.


Another Lucky Strike tin. 'Lucky Strike Cut Plug'. From my research, this is early 1900's. By 1905, R. A. Patterson was bought by The American Tobacco Company. These came out in the late 1880's. Hinged flip top. 2 1/2" x 4 1/2".


Between the Acts Little Cigars Tin Box. These came with 10 little cigars, and came with different advertising inside the box. They also came blank inside. This one still has the paper inside, to help keep the cigars fresh. 3 1/2" x 3".

This should be the last page, I'll be adding to the lighter section. I've been wanting to add this section for awhile now, and it's finally done! I still have a few things I might add here or replace. In fact, I've added some cigar cutters, and some cool vintage ashtrays... with cigar cutters and matchbook holders below. That should just about do it, for now. Anything else, will need to be found.

Wait... one more tin, make it two more cigar tins. This is why it's hard to stop collecting! Always something else to add, or we find a matching pair of something. That's why we can't say, we're ever done adding to our collections!


Another Between the Acts Little Cigars tin. This one has the blue stamp seal that has the date of, the 1926 series printed on it. Also has the letters T-H-H on the right bottom, and a few other different markings on the tin cover. Another way to date these. Plus, the paper inside of 2 men smoking a cigar on the paper that covers the cigars. I'm sure there's others out there I haven't seen?

The also came with other paper inserts with different advertising, promoting their cigars. For the most part, these always got lost or tossed out. These did make nice little storage tins, when the smokes were all gone. That's the main reason we can still find these vintage, cigar and cigarette tins now and then.


Big stainless steel cigar holder. 8 inches long, and can hold a thick 3/4 inch cigar. Also has a pocket clip.



Left to right we have, a gold tone by Acme, and has a Pat. date of 1915. Next is a 1915 Bashful Trick Lock cigar cutter, by Tafo Mfg. Co. USA. It will not open right side up. Now for the tick part, (put it behind your back, and turn it upside down to open). The scissor type cigar cutter, has National Black & White 5 cent Cigars printed on one side. Next cutter has El Roi-Tan Perfect Cigars, printed on the other side not shown, has THE "J.H.A." (J.H. Astruck) and made in America, printed on the cutter blade. Pat. Date 1913. The one on the far right is all chrome, V-cut, and has the printing of, PFEILRING SOLINGEN. Made in Alpaca, Germany. Looks a lot better than the photo shows. Press button on the side to open, and a trey to catch the cigar tip when cut.

table top cigar cutter

On the right is a 1940's Brunhoff Vintage table top cigar cutter. It came with a plain box with no printing on it, (no need to show it). I was told this came from the estate of the owner of Pauly Cigar Manufacturing Company, Minneapolis Minnesota. Feels like a pot metal base and has a nickle top with two sizes of holes. 4 1/8" long by 2 1/2" tall and 2 3/4"wide.

ashtray cigar cutter

On the left is a art deco style brass ashtray, working cigar cutter and matchbook holder. Stands 4" tall and 5 5/8" in diameter.

cigar ashtray

The one on the right is a brass/copper cigar ashtray with a cigar cutter, matchbook holder and two cigar rests. Not sure what the base is made of. Diamond matchbook inside the matchbook holder. Notice the small knob on the matchbox. The Diamond matchbox sold for 2 cents with 34 sticks inside, is printed on the box.

ashtray cigar cutter

The one on the left is my favorite cigar ashtray, with cigar cutter and a matchbox holder. The set is made of brass and the ashtray is made of thick glass, which is 2" x 2".

The cigar rest is hinged to a piece of brass connected to the base, you push the cigar rest down to remove the ashtray. The brass tray base is 5" x 2 1/2" x 3" tall.


On the right is a 1950's brass ashtray set, including three ashtrays that stack. The ashtrays are made from porcelain in an orange red color, has one cigarette rest per ashtray, with a metal base. Two ashtrays are removeable, one is built in to the base. 5 3/4" tall to the matchbook holder.


On the left is a sterling silver hammered ashtray with matchbook holder. Monogram hallmark of J.F. Frandley Co. Early 1900's. 4" x 1 3/4". About 53 grams.

This is the last of my ashtrays. Just some cool items to add to the tobacciana accessories. Some of these are hard to pass up, so, I might pick up another one or two at some point, and if I do, I'll need to have a gallery to show the ashtrays with cigar cutters, and or, matchbook holders.

You've come to the end of this gallery... finally. So now you see how some collections can get out of control. Not only do we collect the main collectible, which in this case is cigarette and cigar lighters. Accessories can be a collection all by its self. Hope you enjoyed.

Let's end this gallery with a couple of cigar box openers/tools. The one with the wood handle has La Minerua Makers of the Choicest Cigars, since 1893 printed on the wood handle. 5 5/8" long. The bottom cigar box opener tool has R.G. Dunn printed on the chrome body. Just over 3 1/2" long.

That's all for now folks! I think? Happy Hunting.

Match Holders

This was made in Dublin, the matchbook is also from Dublin. The Friendly Match box was made by Maguire & Paterson LTD.

Two more matchbook holders. One red and the other is blue. Looks like books, with the striker on the side. Both made from metal. About 1 1/2" x 2".

A nice little brass matchbook holder, with a brass horse on top. Nice detail, just can't see it all. 1.75" x 1 1/2" x 2".

1950's Matchbook

Here's a nice advertising match book by the Harlem Lumber Co. Inc. Has all ten matches it came with. Could be from the 50's by looking at the phone number, UN4-5000. Has 'Pull Quick' on the bottom. Made by the Diamond Match Co. One of the better ones I have seen.


Cardnial hard flint card. The flints are still in good condition. On the bottom is a Ronson flint container in the shape of a Ronson lighter. Also has 2 extra wicks and a cleaning brush.


Rare Dunhill 'Silent Flame Lighter' punch board from the 40's. A retailer that carried these classic Dunhill lighters would use this card as a raffle contest to promote the Dunhill lighter.

More Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill De-Nicotea Crystal Filters. Came 10 in a box, this one still has 8 unused left inside. The cigarette holders have no brand name. Came with 6 extra black tips, has Zeus and made in the USA printed on them. All unused. Could be from the 50's.

Cigar Holder

Aluminum STYLO Cigar holder, that holds 3 cigars. Made in the USA. 5 1/4" x 2 1/2".

Cigar Cutter

Cigar cutter with case. Can cut different sizes of cigars. 2 1/4" long.

Lucky Bingo

Lucky Strike matchbook, with Bingo game inside the cover. The Lucky Strike Club. Down town Las Vegas. Not used.

Nickel Silver

1950's Faberware nickel silver cigarette ashtray with matchbook holder. The matchbook is advertising for The Dixie Inn and Restaurant on US route 9, New York. Phone# DO585 Ferry 206. Properly from the 50's. 6 1/2" tall x 3 3/4" wide.

Table Cigar Cutter

Early German table top brass cigar cutter by Elzit. Has trap door on bottom for cigar clippings. 4" tall.

Match Safe & Cutter

Early match safe with cigar cutter, and clipping holder on bottom. The info in the advertising window is, Compliments of George Hinterberger - 5100 N. Clark St - phone - Edge 755.