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Vintage USALite Flashlights - USALite Penlites

USA LITE logo The flashlight at the bottom of this page is 21 inches long and works off 8 D cell batteries. The longest flashlight made by USALite.

USA Lite Zep-O-Lite

Featuring the rare and hard to find... 1936 3 D cell USALite Zep-O-Lite flashlight. They also came in a 2 & 5 cell model. This flashlight was inspired by the famous Zeppelin flying machines. A Zeppelin is a type of rigid airship named after the German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. These may be one of the rarest and hardest to find of all the USALite flashlights. The photo on the right is the end cap on the flashlight.

The photo of the Zep-O-Lite which was in a catalog, was taken from Stuart Schneider's book, "Collecting Flashlights" with his permission. Thank You Stuart! You can find his website on our Resource page.

Side Note... The Zep-O-Lite only lasted a couple of years. A certain company claimed... Infringed rights. Can you guess the company? They had the other trademark involved, and was certainly infringed by the defendant's sale of flashlights marked "Zep-O-Lite" (U.S. Electric Mfg, Corp). Look for the link in the ride side menu for the story. USALite Zep-O-Lite.

USALite Flashlight

ATTENTION USALite collectors! Here's some interesting history about USA Electric MGF. CORP. I asked a couple of collectors what they thought and came up with the following.

They either made flashlights under a different brand name or made flashlights for another company. The BEST and the two Marathon flashlights, (on the right) are from the 1920's. They could be a spin-off, Eveready was only sold by authorized dealers, they made American which were for sale other than authorized retailers. Maybe Best and Marathon was the USALite version of the American flashlight. On the other hand, the name Eveready does not appear on an American light, so why put USALite on a Best or a Marathone. Maybe this was a line made for a retailer, like Blake made Homart only sold by Sears, but, Blank's name is not on the flashlight. To Be Continued... Final thought - One of the Marathone flashlights has - under license by USALite, the other one does not. Marathon did produce some flashlights, but not many.


Another flashlight with the Best trade mark above. That makes two of each - and looking for more!


Fun Facts - This just might be the first flashlight produced by USALite in 1920. Let's start with the switch plate. Has pat. date Dec. 10, 1918. This is the earliest pat. date I have found on any of their flashlights. The next pat. date seen is from Dec. 20 1921, also located on the switch plate. Next comes the end cap. This one has patent applied for. Also on the end cap, this is hard to see, (from wear over time) but it's there. If you look close, at the print on USA, the A goes to the left under US, it has - Trade - printed on it. Then on the Lite, it has - Mark - printed on the L that goes to the right, under ite. Stands for Trade Mark. You won't find the Trade Mark printed this way on any other flashlight. The Trade Mark is still located on the end caps.

The next set of end caps has pat. pending and the patented. I would think these came out in the following years. This style of switch was used for a few more years, only the end caps changed. This is just my take on this. Again, without the catalogs, this is all just guess work. Sounds pretty sound to me.

I have eleven USALite flashlights with the 1918 pat date, with six different end caps. The Marathon and the Best flashlights also have the same pat. dates on the switch. Which is the same switch.

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USALite bulbs for penlight flashlights. I already have two boxes of bulbs for the 2 D cell flashlights by USALite, now these! Another great find for my USALite flashlight collection.

Notice the penlites on the right? All the boxes show a red penlite, but, different colored lights came in the same box. Someone at the factory forgot to have USALite printed on the clips. Opps. But, they do have - USALite - in small print above the clip. Special "Thanks" to Bill T. from somewhere in the land of Kansas, for pointing this out. These were nos found in a building that had been closed for many years. The purse-spotlights also has the same light on thoses boxes with different colored lights inside the boxes. The same goes for the swivel head boxes, same flashlight on the boxes and different colored box, but different lights inside the box. And here's one more. The TL-122-A Army light box show a different flashlight inside the box. The picture show a angular lens cover on the box, the light inside the box has a round lens cover.

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NOS - USALite penlite and boxes found in an old building closed for many years.

I was able to buy eight penlites, all with boxes. Five green, two red and one brownish colored. Brings my total to sixteen penlites. Might be other colors out there waiting to be found? Just like the USALite purse-spotlights. Only time will tell.

My only USALite penlight that works using one AA penlight

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Not sure of the year, but this penlight has the same clip as the other colored penlights.

All you need to do now is move your mouse pointer over a flashlight to view an enlarged photo with a short description on each flashlight.

USALite Penlights

 USA LITE penlights

 USA LITE penlights

1940's - 1950's USALite penlights. All use 2 AA batteries.

USALite Penlights

 USA LITE penlights

 USA LITE penlights

1940's USALite penlights with the box. Notice the brownish looking lights, different bulb covers. The first penlite boxes I have seen, and the first red color penlite.

USALite Battery Tester

 USA LITE penlights

1930's-1940's USALite #75 tin advertising sign battery/bulb tester. By the bulb holder, Inset 1.25 lamp. The bottom label reads, United States Electric MFG. Corp. New York - Chicago. The cost of the battery was 10 cents.