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USALite Angle Head - Military Flashlights

USA LITE logo U.S. Electric Mfg. Corp. (1920-1960's)


On the right is the 1940's USALite angle-head flashlight with the box. First time I have seen the box for this flashlight. The best part of this fine was - the one I bought this from, had three of these with the boxes. So I had to have all three! The boxes do show wear from storage over the years, but they did survive.

This gallery shows the USALite angle head flashlights. Also seen here are the military issued angle heads flashlight, (aka; crookneck flashlight by military collectors). TL-122-A in two versions. The plastic models came after the all metal ones. I now have the TL-22-A, TL-22-B, TL-22-C, TL-22-D flashlights.

Here's one I just got, it was issued before the USALite TL-122A, from my research and what I was told, by someone that knows about militay flashlights. (View Flashlight Here)

The information - This is one of the earliest, if not THE EARLIEST, Brass-bodied Flashlights supplied to the USMC and the Army, designated TL-122-A by USALite. This is NOT an example made for the civilian market or a post-war production, but one of the first QMC contracts that USALite rushed out before the model number TL-122-A was required to be moulded into the cast alloy Angle-Head. It's the first I heard about this, but I am inclined to go along with the idea that the branded versions pre-dated the TL-122-A marked bodies.

Source - Paratropper Website

Here's my last of the USALite Military TL's flashlights below, the B modle). Had no more room in the gallery.


1940's Angle-Head Box

1940's USALite Box

Another side of the 1940's Angle-Head box.