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USALite Angle Head - Military Flashlights

USA LITE logo U.S. Electric Mfg. Corp. (1920-1960's)

This gallery shows the USALite angle head flashlights. Also seen here are the military issued angle heads flashlight, (aka; crookneck flashlight by military collectors). TL-122-A in two versions. The plastic models came after the all metal ones. I now have the TL-22-A, TL-22-B, TL-22-C, TL-22-D flashlights.

Here's one I just got, it was issued before the USALite TL-122A, from my research and what I was told, by someone that knows about militay flashlights. (View Flashlight Here)

The information - This is one the earliest, if not THE EARLIEST, Brass-bodied Flashlights supplied to the USMC and the Army, designated TL-122-A by USALite. This is NOT an example made for the civilian market or a post-war production, but one of the first QMC contracts that USALite rushed out before the model number TL-122-A was required to be moulded into the cast alloy Angle-Head. It's the first I heard about this, but I am inclined to go along with the idea that the branded versions pre-dated the TL-122-A marked bodies.

Source - Paratropper Website

Here's my last of the USALite Military TL's flashlights below, the B modle). Had no more room in the gallery.