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Vintage USALite Flashlights #6

USA Lite

USA LITE logo In this gallery of USALite flashlights, you'll see some of their early flashlights from the 20's and the 30's.

The flashlight above is another USALite flashlight we don't see very often. Has copper ends and switch plate. USALite is printed above the switch. The end cap has no printing on it.

Here's another USALite flashlight I have never seen before. Again, nothing really special, but, the switch is...? View below.

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USALite flashlight with a different switch. This one has a different switch, from all my USALite flashlights in my collection. This is a slide switch, no flash button on this 3 cell flashlight. I have a photo of the switch on the lower right side, for a better view.

All you need to do now is move your mouse pointer over any flashlight, to view an enlarged photo with a short description on each flashlight.

Slide Switch


You won't find this switch, on any other USALite flashlights, in my collection, (over 90 flashlights). I'm not calling it a rare find, just a nice find. Why, because it's different.