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About Gotalight.net

So, you want to know more about me and this web site? You already know I collect vintage flashlights, old lanterns and old cigarette lighters. Read on to find a little bit more.

When did I know I was a Flashaholic? The day I came back from the post office with three vintage flashilghts I bought/won off eBay. I even had two more flashlights coming in the mail, and that was before I found four oldies at an estate sale over the weekend. The following Monday the other two flashlights came in. Then I won a package deal of 5 vintage flashlights a couple days later. The Flashlight binge lasted 6 days and 15 flashlights later. Vintage Flashlights 12- LED's 3. I was hooked. My name is David and I'm a flashaholic. I now have over 500 old flashlights in my collection and over 30 LED flashlights. Kinda scary huh?

I also do a little web site design. After I started collecting flashlights I decided to make a web site for both collections to give me more ideas on web design and to stay in practice. I had a softball site for a few years back in my playing days. I played softball for over 25 years and retired in 2004. I also played a lot of horseshoes and still do if I can find a game.

This web site is coming to you live from a small town in the foot hills of the Sierra Mountains about an hour away from Yosemite National Park in Central California. I work and live on 15 arces at the 3,000 foot level. It gets dark up here and that's why I wanted the LED flashlights, so I could see what was looking at me at 100 yards away or more. Once I bought one I had to buy more, options are a good thing.

So there you go, a little bit about me and this web site. If after viewing this web site and you see a lighter or flashlight that you're interested in, and serious about. You can send me an email and we can talk about it. Last be not least, I am NOT - an English Major and if not for spell check, I might have a lot more mistakes on here. So please excuse my grammar. I am no expert on flashlights, lanterns or lighters, but I'm learning.

Thanks for wanting to know about us. David & Dave