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Vintage Battery Operated Lanterns

vintage ad

We have a rare Dad's Factories Electric Lantern in this gallery. Has Dad's Factories printed on the top along with, Established 1913 by Homer & Woods, Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Pats. dates on the lantern read, July 10, 1917, May 27, 1919, July 13, 1919 and July 22, 1919 printed on the front. Below the lens has the Dad's Trade Mark.

Since I'm not using two 1.5 volt dry cell batteries for this I did a work around to get it to light up! Shines brighter than any 6 volt lantern I have, (see below). Also has the original bulb which is the largest I have seen in a lantern. If anyone has more information please let me know.

There's another lantern that looks like this one, and it's called the Hytees Electric Lantern. I was told Dad's Electric lantern was the first to come out with this lantern, Hytees may have bought them out. The Flashlight Museum has a 1940 Dad's electric lantern with no Dad's trade mark, has the Hytees logo on the top lid.

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1900 eveready electric candles
1900 Eveready Design B Electric Candles. Nickle plated with straight edge ebony black finish base. Swirl milk glass candle body. Original carbon bulbs work.
value $400-$600.
eveready lantern
1916 Eveready Kerosene Simulating Lantern
w/2 rails around glass globe
(3 D Cell Battery Pack)
value $40-$70
eveready lantern
1916 Eveready Kerosene Simulating Lantern
w/ 1 rail around glass globe
(3 D Cell Battery Pack)
british ever ready box lantern
1921 British Ever Ready Box Lantern
1914 stamped on the switch (4.5 volt battery)
4" X 5" value $75-$80
1905 eveready box lantern
1905 Eveready Oak Wood Finish Lantern
Reinforced Handle (3 E Cell Battery Pack)
4" X 5" value $200-$250
british box lantern
1920 British Box Lantern w/Side Switch
3" X 4" value $40-$50
eveready liberty lantern
1920 Eveready Liberty
Daylo Lantern
Swivel Hanger On Back
(4.5 volt) $40-$50
Eveready Lantern
1925 Eveready
Art Deco Lantern
(3 Cells) $40-$50
eveready lantern
1914 Eveready Nickle Plated House Lantern w/Original Box
(3 volt Battery Pack) value $60-$80 w/box
Eveready Lantern
1917-1921 Eveready Watchman's Lantern
(3 F Battery Pack) Slide-Rod Top Switch $100-$125
eveready lantern
1915-1916 Eveready Nickel Box Lantern
Top Nob To Turn On/Off (3 B battery Pack) $40-$50
1937 Delta Powerlite (6 volt) value $25
1959 Delta Green Sealed Beam (6 volt) value $40
1939 Delta Powerlite w/Red Cap (6 volt) $30
1954 Delta Astro-Lite Lantern
1960 Delta Astro Lite Sealed Beam
Red Blinker (6 volt)
value $50-$60
hassia lantern
1920's German Hassia Lantern
3LR12 Flat Battery Pack value $60-$80
working Dad's Factories lantern
1940's Working Dad's Factories
Electric Lantern value $65-$80
Dad's Factories electric lantern
1940's Dad's Factories
Electric Lantern
Two 1.5 volt Dry Cells
 Justrite lighthouse lantern
1950's Justrite Lighthouse
Blinker Light (4 D cell)
value $20-$25
Justrite lighthouse lantern
1950's Justrite Lighthouse
Blinker Light w/Case & No Stand
value $20-$25
Ray-O-Vac lantern
Ray-O-Vac Lantern
French Battery Co. (6 volt)
value $50-$60
barber lantern
1920's Barber Lantern
6 volt value $40
whalin lantern
1920's Whalin Lantern
w/Glass Globe (6 volt)
value $40-$45
Tri-Color lantern
1928 Tri-Color Pocket Lantern (4.5 volt) value $35-$40
The ad is from 1928
bond lantern
1930 Bond Low Profile
Dark Green Lantern
Glass Globe (3 D Cells)
value $40-$50
bond lantern
1930 Bond Low Profile
Rare Baby Blue Lantern
Glass Globe (3 D cells)
value $40-$50
bond lantern
1930 Bond Low Profile
Red Lantern
Glass Globe (3 D Cells)
value $40-$50
bond lantern
1930 Bond Low Profile
Non-Painted Lantern
Glass Globe (3 D cells)
value $40-$50
flash-aid lantern
1946 Flash-Aid Lantern
Lewyt Corp, (2 D Cells )
value $80
flash-aid lantern
First-Aid Kit
genesy lanterns
1926 Genesy Lantern
6 volt value $25
genesy lantern
1926 Genesy
Brakeman's Lantern
6 volt value $25-$35
train lantern
1950's-60's Railroad Safety Lantern
w/Red Glass Globe 6 volt value $30-$40

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Battery operated lanterns were introduced some where around 1922 with various shapes and sizes (William Embury patents #D65257 and #1586616) as a possible replacement for the kerosene lanterns for domestic use and also by railroad conductors. This product line did not prove very successful, and the tooling along with patent rights were sold in 1932 to either the Eveready Co. or the Bond Electric Co. Electric lantern models from both companies were produced from the Embury tooling.

Now we know why the Bond low profile lantern looks like the Embury's Supreme low profile lantern and why the Eveready's kerosene simulating lanterns looks like the Embury's lanterns. Mystery solved.

1916 Eveready Ad

Eveready Lantern Ad
Vintage Lanterns

ash flash lantern

1950's Ash Flash hanging emergency lantern or could be used for camping, tenting or a trailer. Red one blinks. Runs off 2 D cell batteries. Value $15

Road Flare

1940's K-D Lantern

Early 1940's K-D road flare. Has a thermal blinker w/Fresnel lens and runs off one 6 volt battery. Blinker works! Value $35-$45

Delta Kompact

Delta Kompact Lantern

1960's Delta Kompact lantern. The end of the line for Delta lanterns was coming to an end by the time this one was produced. Runs off one 6 volt battery. Value $25-$35

Delta Powerlite lantern

Delta Powerlite lantern

1960 Delta

1954 Delta Lantern

Working 1960 Delta Astro Lite. Hard to find in this condition, near as mint as you can get, and doesn't look as if it was ever used. This came with a red plastic lens and a red fresnel, (glass like) lens. The battery cost me more than the lantern. Some times we get lucky because folks don't know what they have, which is good for us collectors! Value $50-$60

Emergency Light

K-D Road Flare

1940's Road Flare Lantern made by K-D Lamp Co. Runs off one 6 volt battery and has 6 red reflectors w/handle. 10 1/2 inches tall. I have seen these in different colors, black, gray, red, white and this one in a cream color. Works good with a regular lantern bulb or a flasher bulb. Value $20-$25

Justrite Lantern

Justrite Lantern

1939 Air Force/Army Issued Justrite Lantern light with detachable head w/strap. Used for emergency & night maintenance of the aircraft. These would have a sticker inside with 'Property of Air Force US Army'. (this one does not have one). Uses 3 D cell batteries with side clip and pull up handle. Value $25-$40

Justrite Lantern

Gray Justrite Lantern, runs off 3 D cells and works the same as the one above. Switch located on the head.

Eveready Lantern

Eveready Lantern

1937 Eveready Headlight Lantern with detachable head. Uses 3 D cell batteries with side clip and pull up handle. Value $30-$35

Justrite Lantern

Justrite Lantern

Justrite Flashing Road Flare. Clear Glass Lens/Red Lens
(4 D cell)

Double Headed

Justrite  Lantern

1940-50's Justrite dual head lantern w/wooden handle. Runs off one 6 volt or 8 D cell batteries. Can use one light at a time or use both. Each light has its own switch. Value $30-$40

Multi-Colored Lantern

multi color lantern
multi color lantern

1920's Multi color imitation alligator skin coat pocket lantern/flashlight with a sliding top. The glass lens are colored red, green and clear, you slide the top for different colors with the bulb in the middle. British made. The switch is located on the side. Can be used as a signal light or regular flashlight. This may be more of a pocket flashlight than a pocket lantern, but, I'll leave here for now. Uses a 4.5 volt battery.

Crone Lantern

Crone Lantern

Crone coat pocket lantern made in Germany. Not sure of date. Works off one 4.5 volt battery. Nice big glass lens. Value $25-$30

Burgess Twin Six

burgess lantern

1938 Burgess Twin Six Lantern. Focusing Beam and used the 3 volt dry cell battery. Value $30-$40

Burgess Lantern

burgess lantern

1933 Burgess Lantern with bale handle. Has a unique diffuser and runs off 4 D cells. In mint condition has a value of $100. This one is not mint and looks like it's 83 years old. But as they say, in good condition for its age!

Beacon Army Lantern

beacon lantern

1915 Beacon Army Lantern with leather strap. In good condition and still working, after 101 years! Works off a battery pack. Value $30-$40.